Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

FOTD : Flawless Complexion

So, today I decided to wake up earlier than my usual days. Since I wake up 2 hours earlier, I decided to put on more complete steps in make-up. So here it goes like this:
1. After taking a bath and washing my face (of course) with a facial foam, I began using Face Toner (I still use Etude Sea In a Bottle) and pat it to my whole face.

2. I applied a Vaseline Lip Balm to moisture my lip and leave it for the next step.

3. I know this is weird, but I use Lotion/ Emulsion both for night and day. I treat it as moisturizer so I applied it all over my face and neck (I use Etude House Aqua Sherbet Lotion, still ;p )

4. I let it dry for a moment while I chose for my outfit for the day.

5. After the lotion was absorbed to my face, I applied Etude House Eye's Cream Cooling Mint since my eyes was swollen so bad (I don't know why since I had enough sleep hours last night)

6. Then the face ritual begins..

7. I applied Etude House Pore Erasing Peach Base #1 Mint. FYI, This works as primer/ make up base, which functioned to help your make up stays longer. So, if you want a long-lasting make up, it is better to put primer/make-up base before applying foundation/ BB Cream and continue with Powder (if you do). I chose #1 Mint shade because despite of my face tone which is better match with Purple shade, I love how it covered up my blemish redness and made me look more pale (I love being pale, yeah, weird?). Moreover, since I have large pores, this base works damn well covering up those larger pores. I love that! The only thing that I hate about this base is the packaging. It comes in a jar and spatula. It's bothersome, at least for a lazy person like me.

8. After applying base, I applied BB Cream. I used Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion. Bought it online a few days ago. I am a very picky person. And I can say that this BB Cream works best with me so far (I've tried Etude House Precious Minerals All Day Strong, Missha M Perfect Cover, The Skin Food Aloe Vera). What's more? It's cheaper if you compare it among other BB Cream brands. I bought it for IDR 115000 (around $10)

9. There, After that, the last thing I've done to make my complexion looks flawless is apply concealer under my eye. I apply it all around my eyes (seen it on another beauty blog), and it works! (Riska said to me today that the application is good :*)

For the rest of it I use:

Cheek: The Body Shop Cheek Colour 02 Raspberry Pink
Brow: mix of Etude House Easy Brow Pencil #1 Dark Brown with some unbranded black eyebrow pencil
Bronzer: Oriflame Giordani Bronzer
Concealer: Etude House Light Fit Concealer
Eye Liner: Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Black
Lip Liner: Artdeco Soft Lip Liner Waterproof #17 shiny rosewood
Lipstick: Clinique Different Lipstick Angel Red
Eyeshadow and Shading: Viva Eyeshadow Duo 02
Highlight: Etude House Glittery Powder (forgot the exact name, edit this later :p)

 Sorry for the messy post. I'm a newbie. :)

So how do you think?

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