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Quick Post: ARTDECO Soft Lip Liner Waterproof

So, I bought this lip liner about last week and started to use it a few days ago. I'm not a fan of this brand, though the texture of its lipstick is very soft and moisture (so it doesn't get my lips chapped), but the shades don't attract me. So I gave it a try and all that I can say is I love it! Though the texture of the tip is a little bit hard but the color is good and just like the name, it's really waterproof and have a long lasting color. 

You can visit Artdeco's official website here

And here's the product description of the lip liner from Artdeco's official website:

Waterproof lip liner

The specifically developed formula of the Soft Lip Liner makes it extremely long-lasting. After drying, it is wiping-resistant and waterproof. So it prevents the lipstick from bleeding. The pleasantly creamy texture assures a simple and precise application. The Soft Lip Liner can be shaded out directly after application and is characterized by an especially good color coverage and high opacity.

Contains natural antioxidants and Vitamin E. Fragrance-free.

Here are my amateur pictures of my lip liner (I'm using Blackberry, yeah, I know the camera sucks):
 the tip

applied to back of my hand

 applied to lip

 after I wash my hand with soap

So, just like the above picture, even after I wash my hand with soap, thoroughly, it still stays there. And at last, I tried to spray my handy clean (it contains alcohol 60%), and wipe it with tissue, it still needs some time to clean it. So I guess it's really waterproof, next time I have to clean it with oil-based make up remover. But, I love the color! Especially since lately I've been a fan of nude lip. 

Re-purchase? Definitely! I use this every time, so I guess it won't last that long on me :p

Have a nice day, everyone!

 eyebrow: Etude Color My Brow #1 | make up base: Etude Pore Erasing Base #1 Mint | BB Cream: Etude Shini Star Clear BB Lotion | cheek: Etude Lovely Cookie Blusher #1 Pink

6 komentar:

  1. Wooooo beli di mana Ti? Itu yang lo pake pas lunch tadi kan? It looks good on you! Ada warna reddish brown atau reddish orange ga? :D

  2. haha iyaa, ntar gw tanya dulu yak. semoga adaaa :D

  3. can you tell me what is a number for this lip liner? I will be greatful. I know it was a long time ago, but maybe you remember.

  4. Hi there! Is this like a regular pencil liner that needs to be sharpened or is it twistable? Thank you :)

    1. Hello JM Mendoza! This pencil liner needs to be sharpened :) Hope it helps ;)


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