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June Beauty Haul

Hehe, hello!

It's been a long time since I last posted. I've been busy anyway. So, for this new post, I would like to try to share with you about my beauty haul. Hehehe, since I'm a newbie, please mind the quality of pictures and the variety of the products. I promise to do better! :)

What I bought:
1. Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner
2. Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand & Heel Cream
3. Etude House Nail remover - Acetone-Free
4. Etude House Tint Gloss
5. Tony Moly Mini Tint - Cherry Pink
6. Carrefour Discount Facila Cotton
7. Mask Sponge (No Label)

So, I ran out of toner a few days ago, and since I find toners are quite expensive to buy, I decided to have emergency toner first, and here it goes: Clean & Clear Essential Oil Control Toner. I used to use this toner with Clean & Clear Facial Wash and Moisturizer during my high-school days. I stop using this a few years ago because it's rare! And because of its temporary rarity, I decided to skip toner in my beauty routine (I know I was horrible). Then, when my toner ran out, I found this in Carrefour, only cost me around Rp 10.000,- (Around $1). I've been using this only for 3 days until now, and I can say that this toner is okay. I have not experienced any soreness or itchiness on my face and it helps my acne too (I have some breakouts due to my hormonal issues).

Repurchase: YES

Then I also bought some babies from Korean cosmetic brand: Etude House. I bought them both online and in counter. I also ran out of my Nail Polish Remover, so I decided to bought it and luckily, Etude House had a promotion of 100% Cash Back! So I got this Nail Polish Remover but I can get same amount of voucher to buy other products. Thanks Etude House Indonesia! After that, I purchase Hand and Heel Cream from Hand Bouquet edition, and it's still wrapped, until now. I haven't use both this products because I haven't needed it yet. Last from Etude House is Tint Gloss. I use it a few times, and it's lovely. But you got to mix it with lipstick or lip tint in order to have good result. I mix it because if I use it alone, there will be no significant color pop out from my lip (I hate that, I always want a hint of clear color on my lip in any occassion). I will upload the swatch later. ;)

Repurchase: Haven't decided it yet

Last product is Tony Moly Mini Tint - Cherry Pink. So actually I was scared to try this lip tint since I tried it before when my friend offered me to try her Tony Tint in Red Apple. Why? Because I look like a dracula whom just suck human's blood when I put that on my lips! Eww. But, since all of my friends are curious about it, I finally purchase it and surprisingly LOVE it! I only need one daub with its applicator and I only daub it on my lower lips. So easy and it saves the product, so that I can use it longer :p.

Repurchase: YES

Besides beauty products, I also bought beauty tools, like this mask sponge. So I was reading a beauty blog when the owner of the blog wipe her face after wash it with this sponge. Then I thought, well it looks good and handy, since I don't have to spend so many tissue to wipe my wet face and I don't have to risk my face hygiene wiping it with towel. So I decided to buy this. It only costs me Rp 9.000 (less than $1). And I can use it for both wiping my face after wash it and after mask!

Repurchase: NO. I guess it will be long-lasting product

So, that is my June Beauty Haul and a little bit review of some products that I purchased. Hope you like it! :D

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