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My Skin Problem

Hi everyone,
Just a quick news that I finally finished my internship program as procurement intern in a toll-road company for 3 months. I don't know whether I should be happy or not. Well, the company's condition is not good, besides I have to focus on my thesis because my parents are always asking me "when will you finish your thesis?" every time we have a phone call. -_-

I'm happy to be free because I can focus on my thesis, and... My business! Hehe, I have an online store which sells beauty products mainly from Korea and some of budget-cosmetics from USA. At first I thought it would be easy to do this since I do the selling mostly by dropshipping and reselling products. But, looking at the opportunity and demand, I think I have to be serious on this. Yay!

Okay, that's a recap of what is happening lately. Now, we go on to the thing that I really wanted to talk the most: My Skin Problem. Yes, just like my blog title said, I want to share about my skin problem, especially my face T_T

Well, when I was a sophomore, I always ended up stay out so late that I experienced so many breakouts. Worse, I always pop it out and scratch it until it's bleeding (and I love it, okay call me masochist -_-). So, as you see on the picture below, I ended up having so many acne scars, but in a form of dark spots. I do not pay attention that much on my dark spots and acne scars until I began to be a make-up junkie and a beauty products seller. Wow. I have a really serious problem now. >.<


Moreover, I have dark under eye bags, which resulted from my sleeping habit.

Actually, my problems are not that bad and severe. But, I don't want to wait until it get worse and I'll be damned by that time. So, I started to browse and purchase beauty products (make up and skin care) in order to cover and to take care of this problem.

When people see my face, both face-to-face or by camera (twitter, facebook, pictures, etc.), they often tells me that I have a smooth skin surface though I only wear BB Cream or moisturizer. But, I started to become paranoid everytime I look at my bare face.

So, here are my skin routine, which I just started a few days ago:
  1. Kiehl's Dermatologist Solution: Clearly Corrective White Purifying Foaming Cleanser
  2. Etude House Eye's Cream Mint Cooling
  3. Etude House Collagen Moistful Firming Eye Cream (in sachet)

So, I fall into this product since it claimed to remove skin surface impurities without stripping off for a noticeably brighter complexion. I've been using this for a month earlier, but I have to stop since my hormonal breakout sneak in. The KCR at Kiehl's store told me that this dermatologist solution series can't be used on a face with acnes, it will get worse. So I stop using this for a while until this breakout finally over. Grrr, but I can say that after using this my skin feels clean and it don't give you a tight uncomfortable feeling. Besides, the result is instant! My dark spots faded and it got better. Hihi. Moreover, Kiehl's price is shrinking and this product is one of some products that Kiehl's reduced. So, I really recommend this for those who have the same problem with me. Though it's still quite pricey but it worth the price. For real.

The second product is Etude House Eye's Cream Mint Cooling. Well, I bought this out of its packaging cuteness. Well, the packaging is really attracting and I always fall hard on beauty product which claimed that it can reduce dark under eye circle. And, I've been using this for two months and I already spent half of it, but no significant result. Ah, I'm disappointed, even though I purchase it for not-so-expensive price I still upset of how bad this product works for my dark circle. Well, it's my fault too, for not browse it first on the internet and all of my friends who purchased this products are upset too! Well Etude House, I guess this Eye's Cream is a big fail. It doesn't help reducing dark circles, it only cover it (and the coverage is bad too!), so I don't know whether this product has any good aspect beside its cute packaging.

The last one is Etude House Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream in sachet. I get this by purchasing Korean beauty products as bonus. So I've just tried it for 3 days until today and I can say that this eye cream is Okay. Well, I can see a hint of improvement that my eye bag is reducing but not so significant. So, let's see after around 3 sachets. Well, a sachet can be used for 3-5 times.

So, that's my current ritual for my skin problem, I know it's not that complete nor it's a full-range treatment. But, I don't have that much money to buy full-range treatment, but I plan to. I'm saving my money now. Huhuhu.

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  1. I've added your blog to mine...please feel free to add mine to yours :D

    1. thank youuu I've followed yours already, will put your links on mine hihihi

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  3. Thank you for sharing your experience and solutions. Having skin problems should've really let you take this journey to find such products that would suit your skin well. Didn't you have any consultation with your doctor anyway?

    -Leigh @ internists

    1. I agree, Leigh. Doing all of these to treat the skin problems is really inspiring. Any minor or major skin problem shouldn't be always ignored. Find solutions right away...

      Marry Digg


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