Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012

Random: OOTD

Haha, it's been a long time since I posted about fashion or my outfit. Haven't got the time, and for fashion I need someone to take the picture for me. I have no tripod, sigh.. So last Friday I registered for IYCE Innovation Night at Blitz Megaplex Pacific Place. For those of you who are not familiar with IYCE, well we're on the same boat! xD

Yep, I did not have any idea about what is IYCE when I saw some tweets from British Council Indonesia. So, I googled it. Abracadabra! So, IYCE stands for International Youth Creative Entrepreneur. This event is held by British Council and Indonesia is one of the countries which are lucky to join this award. Some of the 'alumni' of this award are Yoris, Ridwan Kamil, Wahyu Aditya, and many more. So, Innovation Night is one of series of event of IYCE. 

I attended this event with one of my friend; Reni Tok. The event was so-so though. The idea which is being talked about is too wide I think. Moreover, the speakers is only being given a really short amount of time while the topic is damn wide. Yep, it's INNOVATION in general. So, I gotta say I don't enjoy this event that much. But to be honest, me and my friend enjoyed the food, much. Haha! 

Ooops! Almost forget to tell you about my outfit yesterday.. So here it is~

Shirt: Bought at Pasar 16 Palembang - Rp 20.000,-
Pants: Bought by my Mom at Pasar 16 Palembang - price unknown (my best guess is around Rp 20.000,-)
Shoes: Pink Wedges by The Little Things She Needs - Rp 50.000,- (I bought it when there was a really big sale at Senayan City a few months ago)
Bag: Borrowed from my most generous friend; Riska (oh I'm such a bootlicker hahaha)

Phew, that's enough for this post. Hopefully I can post more about fashion so my blog will maintain a good yin and yang. See ya!

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