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LUX Fine Fragrance Magical Spell

Hi everyone! I would like to review this product since I got this from last week event. So, have you ever heard about LUX? I bet you all will definitely know about that, right? Yep, LUX, who doesn't know LUX in Indonesia? LUX has been here for decades. Even, my mom loves it and since I already use LUX for years, up until now I still being so faithful to LUX. LUX has been well-known for its elegant image, and here it goes again, LUX launched its first Fine Fragrance Series for its body wash line product. LUX Magical Spell Body Wash is part of it, of course. 

This will best describe LUX Magical Spell looks like:
Lux believes that beauty doesn’t have to be about hard work but rather, about pleasure – from the moment you step into the shower, the great feelings it creates to the fun you can have with the attention you get afterwards. We aim to bring the best of beauty within reach of every woman in the world - providing exceptional pleasure in her bathing and skincare experience and inspiring her to feel irresistible and confident in her own skin every day! Our range of skin treats, infused with fine fragrance composed by the world’s best perfumers will delight your senses and make you feel like a million dollars, every day.
So, I am already using LUX Magical Spell for a week until now. And all that I can say is, I'm stunned by it. Right when I apply it to my body, the fragrance is sooo elegant yet seductive, making me feel sexy. Moreover, it also feels good on my skin, the silky texture left me impressed.

So here is the texture of the body wash. It comes in fluid form, as usual. What attracts me is the color, its soft, light purple is really graceful and unique.

So, after I finished showering, the moment I step out of my shower box, I feel like a million dollars! Yep, there's absolutely something different with the fragrance of this body wash. It smells really sweet, but also sexy, there's something mysterious in this scent. Guess what? It's because one of the ingredients of this body wash is Black Orchid, which is rare and very expensive. No wonder la I feel like a million dollar babe. Besides, what makes this body wash smell sweet is the role of Brown Sugar. 

So why is it smells so mysterious? The answer is its unique fusion as follow:
  • The opening tones of Juniper Oil, which softly play against the romantic and sensual floral heart of black orchid, jasmine and violet, give the addictiveness to this alluring scent.
  • The central notes are composed of brown sugar and vanilla heaped 
  • The base notes of sandalwood and velvet musk, delivering a rich and sensual finale designed to last on the skin.

Wow, the combination is awesome, right? Who's behind this unique scent, really? It's Ann Gottlieb; a world-class nose/ perfumer who is behind many of the most popular perfume in the world. See, LUX really offers us a really great deal with this Magical Spell Body Wash. 

Oh, I almost forgot, the seductive scent of this body wash lasted quite long, it lasted for almost 4 hours. Since I also combine this body wash with the perfume essence from LUX Goodie Bag that I've got last week, it lasted even longer! I feel like I could seduce every guy that I've met just like Mia Maestro does in her latest LUX Magical Spell commercial. If you haven't watch it, you can watch it below:

LUX has been known for its line of amazing ambassadors. LUX always picks its ambassadors who can perfectly portraits the brand itself. This time, the ambassador is Mia Maestro; an acclaimed Hollywood actress and singer-songwriter Mia Maestro is a multi-talented, artist who has accrued a wide array of credits, both on screen and on stage. For those of you who watched Twilight Series and twi-hard fans, you must be familiar with her since she played as vampire Carmen in Breaking Dawn.

Overall, all that I can say is this body wash satisfied me much. And, you can get it at nearest mini market and supermarket. See? Easy. The price doesn't hurt too, when you can get a body wash that can make you feel like you're wearing high-class perfume, why not?

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  1. Enaknya ya pada dtg ke event lux hohoho ><
    Kalo parfumnya dijual kah? Udah pake body washnya dan Aku lbih tertarik sama parfumnya niih abis kalo sabun cuma tahan wanginya bntr doang di aku :(

  2. iyaa, hihihi pas bgt baca postingnya MISSKATTIE :p

    Parfumnya sayang sekali gak dijual nih, kemarin juga banyak beauty blogger yg nanyain, ternyata ga dijual huhuhu, aku juga pengen..

    kalo di aku malah lama, dan aku jadi pusing hahaha, eh event ultima II datang kah?


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