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REVIEW: Creme 21

Actually this review is an old post which I forget to publish. Haha. Blame it on my absent-mind, so here is the review of Creme 21 All Day Cream. 

Around 6 months ago (yeah, I know it's been so long!), I went to PIM to exchange my friend's cloth in Zara. Yes, PIM is reaaally far from my place (I'm in Kuningan, btw), and since this is my best friend's request (she's in Palembang), I finally went there. After done the mission, I found Watsons and without further thoughts, I entered it and this is what I've got. Well, Watsons never fails me to go out without anything on my hand. 

Well, this product instantly caught my eye because of its packaging color. Yes, it's orange and it really stands out among other products on the shelf. Moreover, when I saw the price tag, it's hell cheap! It's Rp 21.000,00 for 50ml.

After arriving at home, I directly browsed on the internet and found the official website of Creme 21. Well, got to say that the website is quite informative anyway. Here are some screenshots from the website explaining about the product and its ingredients.

I love how they put brief but still clear-enough explanation about the ingredients. Though I know it contains paraben and its derivatives, but hey, they explain why! 

Now, let's begin the review (finally).

So, when I first opened the lid, it looked like any other cream. It's really similar to Nivea Soft that I used to wear during my high school. Well, not until I poked it and smelled really annoying smell, ever. I have a sensitive nose, especially to fragrance. My nose will be in excruciating pain, when it comes to extreme smell (whether it's bad smell or too much fragrance). And this cream, well, the fragrance is too rich and also smelled cheap. 

OK, leave the bad smell and let's see if it has something positive aside from its bright packaging and cheap price...

So, the texture of the cream is really, really oily. It will take a few rubbing just to blend it on your skin. It will become extremely white, but if you're patient enough, well it blends well.

After a while, the cream really moisturizes your skin and it will become sooo soft, and it's nice in my opinion. I always being so lazy to put on any cream or lotion on my body because I hate the sticky feeling since I spend most of my time outdoor and under the sun.

Luckily, I was doing my internship when I use this cream (I spent most of my time in air-conditioned space, making my skin dry than ever), so this cream is really useful. I wear it only on my body, not my face because when I applied it on my face, it instantly became so oily. So I just applied it on my driest part of my body, which are elbows, palm of my hand, and my feet.

It work best on my feet anyway. Yes, my feet are the driest part and it really soften my heels. 

You can see there's a slight difference between my hand with and without Creme 21. The part where I put the cream is more moist than the one which is not.

Overall, I gotta say that this cream is not bad. You can try it if you have an extremely dry skin and don't get bothered by the annoying fragrance.

In short:
(+) The color of the packaging is nice, bright orange!
(+) Price is a really good deal
(-) Annoying, cheap-feeling fragrance
(-) Too oily for my normal-to-oily skin

Have you try any of Creme 21's product?

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