Senin, 24 September 2012

REVIEW: MAX Factor Mastertouch Under-Eye Concealer

Hello! I'm back with new review, which is from my Mom's old favorite brand and my current favorite brand for make up; MAX Factor. Yep, my mom has been telling me about this brand for years, and I'm surprised that this brand finally came again few years ago. From what my mom said, MAX Factor is famous for its long-lasting feature in every product. I never thought that the price is really interesting, too! Haha. I've tried the False Effect Mascara in Fusion (which is the first mascara that works fine with my sensitive eyelashes), and yes, it brought me to buy this concealer. I bought this concealer in Ivory 303, the beauty adviser said that it's the closest to my skin tone. It's unfortunate that this concealer only has three shades here. 


FYI, I'm having trouble with dark spots on my face rooted from my bad habit of poking my own pimples till it bleed (eww). But, it was years ago, during my dark times when I have to be a zombie almost everyday. And yes, the result of it can still be seen so clearly until now. Oh, I'm in remorse.

So, let's move on with that. I'm trying to take care of those dark spots and it's getting better now. But, I still need good concealer to conceal those flaws on my face. I have a concealer pact from Etude House, but it doesn't work really well on my face, it gets cakey so easily. Let's see how MAX Factor perform then....

So, you can see from the picture below that I have so many dark spots and I put on some of this concealer with its built-in sponge applicator then dab it with my finger.

Here is the result:

Wow, I'm quite surprise that it can conceal my dark spots well though it can fully conceal them.

Unfortunately, though it's called Under-Eye Concealer, it doesn't work fine on my under-eye. I also have dark circles and puffy eyes and no, it doesn't work well. Not at all.

So, in brief:

(+) It works really well on my dark spots
(+) The packaging is really handy and has its own built-in sponge applicator making it more hygienic
(+) The price is really good deal, only Rp 50.000,00
(-) Can't cover up my under-eye problem
(-) It's too little in amount for daily use, I already ran out of this in 2 months

Do you have any concealer recommendation for me? 

8 komentar:

  1. Whoaaa nice coverage...

    new follower...

  2. i love max factor! harganya murah, tp kualitasnya bener-bener deh baguuuuuuuus banget! worth more than the price we paid! penasaran juga sih sama concealer ini, aku lagi cari concealer nih >.< boleh dicoba!
    thankyou reviewnyaaaa ~ XD

    1. benerrr banget, max factor murah-murah tapi kualitasnya emang buat MUA dan Pro >_< sama2 caroline ^_^

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaah, jadi pengen!
    Kebetulan lg cari2 concealer nih! >.<

  4. maaaaaaakkk mauuu >o<

    btw itu belinya dimandos ka? olshop apa ada counternya gitu?

    1. di konter kok mels, ol shop viva juga bisa, atau coba jopankar :)


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