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SILKYGIRL Pinklicious Nite with Gita Gutawa + Products First Impression!

Hi girls, this is my first post in 2013, hehe. Actually in the end of 2012, I was invited by SILKYGIRL to attend its event named Pinklicious Nite with Gita Gutawa. The event was held in Menara DEA, Panacea Resto & Lounge.

Very nice ambience at Panacea
When I arrived, it was raining cats and dogs so the atmosphere was really gloomy. Not to forget that I was wet and still wearing my working attire (I just done an interview right before the time!). So, I arrived too early (the event starts at 7 and I arrived at 5) thus I just wandered around for a while.

On around 6.30 pm I entered the venue and was greeted by SILKYGIRL's representative; Nisa. After that I was escorted to my seat and wait until the event starts. I love the interior and table arrangement, it's just romantic and sweet! Not to forget the cupcake given too.

A very cute cupcake
Not long after that, another bloggers came and it's Endi and Gabby. We sat on the same table and another blogger came; Tika. We chit-chatted for a while then headed to the photo box and took a picture together.

At the Photo Box with Endi and Gaby

*_* Lousy me
Since it was still raining, we have to wait a little bit longer to start the event. Thankfully, the guests started to come over and the event soon started. The event was started by a cheerful MC and went smoothly to the next segment; Make Up Demo. The Make Up Demo was presented by famous Make Up Artist; Iwwan Haroun, accompanied by Gita Gutawa.

Iwwan Haroun, Gita Gutawa, and MC
And we, as the guests were welcomed to try the products itself, so it's kinda like a beauty class too!

Of course, first we have to remove all the make up. The SILKYGIRL crews hanging around giving us the Make Up Remover and Cleansing Product to remove our make up. And here I present my no make up look  a.k.a. BARE FACE! *_*

BEFORE (bare face)
What's inside the make up  box? Yay!! It's a lot of products!

Inside the Make Up Box
  • SILKYGIRL Double Intense Gel Eyeliner 01 Pure Black
  • SILKYGIRL Magic BB Cream 01 Natural
  • SILKYGIRL Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way-Foundation 02 Natural
  • SILKYGIRL Blockbuster Color Palette Eye Shadow 05 Smokey Charm
  • SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelights 08 Frosting Silver
  • SILKYGIRL Moisture Rich Lipcolor 25 Hot

Make Up Demo by Iwwan Haroun
There was also a model for creating the Smokin' Hot Make Up Look this time. Anyway, the model is really beautiful already. So the make up started with the application of BB Cream. You can take a look on it on the pictures below.
BB Cream First Impression
So, my first thought about this BB cream is.. Ah, local brand BB Cream must be so liquid and can't cover my dark spots perfectly. But, the thing is, that thought was banished right away after I applied it all over my face! The texture is liquid yes, more like a liquid foundation rather than a cream. But it has medium coverage already. At least it's enough to hide those annoying spots! The shade 01 Natural also suits my face skin tone perfectly (though it's a lil bit brighter, but I love putting brighter shades!).

Then, since the make up demo was instructed soooo quick that I couldn't even keep up with it, Neither I took any photos of other products nor I took any swatch. After BB Cream, I applied Two-Way Foundation, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Mascara, Blush, and Lipstick.

But I would like to share  to you about my first impression regarding the famous and best-selling eye liner from SILKYGIRL; SILKYGIRL Double Intense Gel Eyeliner!
Gel Eyeliner First Impression
So, I was curious since everytime I want to make a purchase of this eyeliner, it is always out of stock and sold out. Almost everywhere. At least on every place I visited. 

My first impression was like WOW! This eyeliner really does it job amazingly! Just a soft swipe, and voila! The color is really intense and unlike any other gel liner the texture is very soft making it easier to brush it over my eyelid. And yes, it's waterproof! This eyeliner will be my new crush!

And this is how I looked like after using SILKYGIRL products, not to forget that I have to thank Endi for lending me his Real Techniques brushes and applied blush and highlighter to me (he also gave me some tips regarding make up).
AFTER!!! <3 nbsp="nbsp">
Photo with Gaby
After the make up demo, the event continued with SILKYGIRL New Product Launching: SILKYGIRL Magic Pink Lip Balm. What's so magic, huh? So, this magic lip balm will do nothing on your lips just after the application, but quickly turned into lovely pink color after a few seconds! And the color is not the same on every lip, it really depends on your lips, so my pink will not be the same with your pink! Yay! So it's really custom.
SILKYGIRL New Product Launching
What I love the most about this event is the hospitality given by the SILKYGIRL representatives. Not only Nisa, but also other staffs available that night, including SILKYGIRL's CEO; Mr. Antonius Suhartanto (Man in Pink). He was really friendly, kindly greeting us and chit-chatting for a while, even willing to explain about its products in detail. ^_^

And, I brought this so many things home! Envy? :p
FREEBIES! Bunch of Thanks!
Of course I will review it all, SOON. Thank you SILKYGIRL!

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