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utoTIA 2012 Favorites: MAKE UP

Happy New Year! And here is my list of Favorite Make Up Products during 2012 and short review about it. :)


BB Cream - Rojukiss Spot Light BB Cream  

Image taken from WISHTREND
This BB Cream attracts me from the very first time I try it! Though the consistency of this cream is quite thick, I just ignore it and I am stunned by its result. The shade available is only one and surprisingly it match my skin tone, perfectly. It does its job covering my big pores and hiding dark spots on my face. Moreover the staying power is good (around 6-7 hours).  OK, I think I babble too much because I really love this BB cream!

Loose Powder - Belif Awesome Sun Powder SPF 50+ PA+++
Image taken from BELIF Official Website
This sun powder is in a form of compact powder but has loose powder finish. And yes, though the shade seems too light for everyone, especially Asians, the result is translucent. So, everyone can use this powder, my friends who have olive and medium skin tone can also wear this without looking like a ghost. I love the scent, it's fresh and citrus-like fragrance.

Compact Powder - MAKEOVER Perfect Cover Two Way Cake in Sandy Beige
I always hate to wear powder, especially compact powder. But this one is the only exception. I love how natural the shade is, and it gave me full coverage, too. I could not ask for more from this compact powder. 

Blush - Face on Face Nourishing Blush in Blooming Rose
image taken from Face on Face Indonesia FB Page
You will never underestimate Indonesian local brand anymore once you try this blush. I didn't expect that this blush will be my favorite, but, the performance speak louder. The shade is matte, means it will give the cheeks sheen finish. But I don't mind, I'm getting bored with shimmering blushes and this one stays on my cheek for more than 5 hours. *happy*

Eye Primer - Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
I bought this  out of impulsive buying habit. Didn't expect that this primer can bring my eyeshadow color alive, even Viva Eyeshadow Duo! Wow, it's like magic you know, daily I've been using that eyeshadow and no one notice it.. Until I prime my eyelid with this. Everyone asked me what brand did I use, LOL.

Eye Brow - Etude House Easy Brow Pencil #1
This one has unique brown color which gave me natural eyebrow. It's not too light unlike Viva Eye Brow Pencil, nor too dark like any other black pencil. Plus, it has built-in brush, so practical and very helpful! Since this product almost running out, I'm planning to search for charcoal/ grey pencil.

Texture is really soft and smooth. The color is really, really intense. The only drawback is the brush applicator. Aside from it, everything's perfect.

I was disappointed before by this product. Well, it clumps and it smudges easily. Time after time, I am learning, and yes, it's not the product, it's just that I don't know the right way to apply it! Really gives you the doll eyes-look. Updated review coming soon.

My first and best palette so far. Even without any primer. Favorite shade? Try bronze. Really, really pigmented. Blushes are lovely as well.

Very nice color, a combination of nude and pink. It really gives me nice finish, really lovely color. Not too pale, not too brownish. I hit the bottom in a year, a very rare occasion on lipstick for me.

Lip Stain - Etude House Dear Darling Tint #03 Red Orange
The texture is gel-like, unlike Tony Moly which is very liquid. If you're accidentally lick it, the taste is nice too. I love the red-orange result.

Very cheap. Worth the price, does great job covering my dark spots and acne scars. Also perfect for highlighting. But, sheer coverage for under-eye (unlike its name).

What are yours, ladies? Let me know about your thoughts on comments below ;)

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  1. tia,harga eye primer etude brp? my urban decay that came along with naked palette is almost empty :(

    1. haloo kak maya, maaf baru sempet buka blog sekarang.

      harganya udah lupa..

      cuma sekitar 90-100ribuan kok :D

      6 bulan lebih belom abis :p

  2. makasih buat review MAX FACTOR concealernya.... tadi aku nanya2 mbak counternya dan makin yakin.. ahahaha makasi...

    salam kenal... http://mikabening-makeup.blogspot.com/

    1. iya oke banget buat dark spots, cuma di under eye circle aku kurang nampol :p

      mampir yaaa

  3. hai blog kamu aku masukin sebagai penerima Liebster Award..
    klik link dibawah ini ya :

  4. i love etude house products too! :)

  5. Hai ! Salam kenal ya :)
    itu concealer max factor kalo boleh tau belinya berapa yah dulu ?
    Thanks for sharing :)


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