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My Weekly Diet Diary with WRP: Progress Diary

Hello everyone, I bet some of you already know that I joined WRP Weightloss Challenge with Beauty Bloggers. So, in short, me and other 4 beauty bloggers are challenged by WRP to shift to healthier lifestyle fully supported by WRP! You can read more here.

So, these past 2 weeks, I am doing good.

At first, it was hard. Yes, the first week was hard. Especially the 4th day. The first three days I was feeling fine. Changing my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack with WRP.

start my day with nutritious drink and cookies for mid time snack!
I am glad that the nutritious drink tastes DELICIOUS! I tried Coffee on the first week, then followed by Strawberry. Coffee tastes really good! I love coffee, but due to my caffeine sensitivity, it's been ages since the last time I sip it. With Coffee taste nutritious drink from WRP, I feel great! I can taste the great coffee without being afraid of stay out the night with trembling body anymore (yes, after sipping coffee, I will quickly have tremor and heart-race, sigh).

And the strawberry! YUM YUM, it smells and tastes really sweet and fresh! I love strawberry too!

dinner is soooo simple

I personally favor the idea of nutritious drink. It's simple, fast, yet fulfill the nutrition that I need (remember; need not want or craving). It's PERFECT for career woman like me, living such a fast life from 9-5 and commuting, it helps me cut those steps of cooking and eating (lol, too lazy).
And yes, it makes me full. Haha

But on the 4th day, I started to get bored... Not starving or feeling dizzy, no, not at all! It's just I crave for something.... SALTY. Yes, it's me, I always prefer salty than sweet. And yes, all WRP product has sweet taste, which bores me. Well, that's the challenge! I have to beat myself from craving salty food. It was hard, especially for a girl who works like me. I mean, all those mates, always having some snack and offering me all the time, I have to resist all of that!

days when I forgot my tumbler, it's nice to have this Diet to Go! Just sip and go!
There are also some of my co-workers who mock me for having this whole diet thing, well, people will always talk, but I just keep walking. Of course, there some days when I cheat. It's just normal, like what Miss Astri; Nutrifood nutritionist said, if you really want it, then go. But remember not to overeat. Diet is about eat proportionally. It's not skip eating or not eating at all. So, there it goes, I cheated few times ^-^

the best product from WRP! Diet Tea~
Soo, I shift my breakfast, dinner, and snack to WRP. What about lunch? Good news is, we're allowed to eat ANYTHING (preferably: HEALTHY) during lunch. But, there's this one absolute thing to do before eating: drink WRP Diet Tea if you plan to eat carbs.

I love this idea! I mean, no worries for lunch because by consuming this diet tea right before you put that rice into your mouth, it works like magic! It has Phase-2 technology which will result in only 1/3 carbs absorbed into your body! So when you eat a full plate rice, for example, your body only digest 1/3 of it! Happy? OF COURSE!

Moreover, it's not laxative tea. Yes, sometimes I go to the rest room after lunch, but it's not like right after, it's usually 5-6 hours after lunch, and no backdoor trots *oops*

So it's perfectly safe!

fruits and veggies are my new BFFs
Also, I have these new BFFs; which are fruits and veggies! Aside from WRP Cookies, I eat fruits as snacks. Especially grapes and oranges! I love them the most, they're tasty, fresh, abundant in Vitamin C and fiber. Perfect BFF, right? Moreover, I always try my best to include more and more veggies in my luncheon, so that I can get more nutrition and fiber to help my digestive system!

So far, I don't really weigh myself regularly, but I can feel my waist back again now! OMG SO HAPPY!!!

Wait for my next diary about this challenge!

Advice, comments are very welcomed! Maybe you can share more healthy tips for me! ^_^

Check my daily progress for this weightloss challenge here:

More diet and healthy lifestyle tips, visit WRP here:

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