Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

Pour It All: Never a Priority, Always a Second-Best

Oh you.

I blame you for my over-sensitivity.

But come to think of it, you bring me some things which I always suppress. Things I'm running away from.

Let's talk about what's on my mind this time.

I grew up as someone who is considered to be never enough for others.

I grew up trying to reach up to others' expectation.

I never be enough for them. There will always be someone better than me. Someone they're always be proud of. Someone they always love the most. And someone they will cherish for the rest of their life.

But it will never be me.

It might be that I'm just an option. Or a substitute. Even worse; a distraction.

But to me, they're everything. 

Well, life has its own way to be extra bitchy to me. But, can I complain?

Funny when I always try to be someone better, but reality is; I will never be a priority. For my beloved ones.

And anyway, if you read this post, try not to feel that I'm talking about you. I'm talking about myself. This is self-improvement; my own way.

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