Senin, 08 September 2014

Maybelline New York White Superfresh Launching

Last month, Maybelline Indonesia just launched its latest product; White Superfresh. It's whitening powder which is perfect for Indonesian teenagers and suitable for daily use. 

This powder is created with "clean touch powder system" and also SPF 34/ PA+++ so we can use it even when doing outdoor activities.

Facial appearance is one of the most important factor which can revive our confidence. And in makeup, powder is playing such an important role in influencing the overall physical appearance.

Also present, Maybelline New York Indonesia new Brand Ambassador; Velove Vexia. I personally think it's such a great choice for Maybelline to choose her. She suits the image of the brand very well :)

Besides Velove, also present at that time, one of the famous makeup artists in Indonesia; Ryan Ogilvy. He is also the Official Make Up Artist for Maybelline New York Indonesia.

In this occassion, Maybelline New York Indonesia also introduces 4 personalities of their audience:

  1. Traveller
  2. Sporty Spice
  3. City Girl
  4. Bookworm
  5. The Artistic

And for those of you, good news!!! Besides launching White Superfresh, Maybelline is also has digital contest named "Maybelline Girls Search"

There will be 10 Maybelline Girls who will receive 1 year contract for being photo and video model for Maybelline. All 10 Maybelline Girls also receive various exciting experience like beauty camp, exclusive makeup workshop, and VIP access to Maybelline events.

More information please visit Maybelline website & social media below:

2 komentar:

  1. cantik banget Velove !!
    naksir gaunnya jugaa


  2. Mau donk join make up workshop nya Maybelline ^_^ .. Btw, foto Velove nya nice shoot deh miss..



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