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My Dream Wedding Is...

"WEDDING" by sop220 is licensed under CC by SA
A single lady (note: without any boyfriend or involved in any romantic relationship) like me talking about wedding? Hell yeah, WHY NOT?

I will be 24 years old next month.

And somehow in Indonesia, it's like I'm going to expire soon, so I need to get married. I don't know but the topic of marriage is getting more and more often being talked about.

I often wonder about the wedding. Everytime I attend a wedding reception or looking through those pre wedding photoshoot, it makes me want to get married even sooner! LOL.

And I often think that it must be a super-duper busy time for the bride to prepare for her wedding. Well, it's a very very special (+sacred) day for every woman, I believe.

So here's my dream wedding!
(my future husband should definitely read this!)

Tia's Dream Wedding

Garden Party

taken from Bridestory by BUTTERFLY EVENT STYLING
I always want an outdoor wedding party, but to be honest, not that wedding party held in front of parents' house and with that annoying 'orgen tunggal' (LOL, now you know where I came from). I want a small wedding reception with only the closest ones attending. 

It would be perfect if it is held near the beach and continues until the night.

But as for me and my family this will be perfect only for the holy matrimony, not the wedding reception lol. It's almost impossible to have small amount of guest during wedding reception here in Indonesia (especially people from my hometown).

taken from Bridestory by BUTTERFLY EVENT STYLING

The Wedding Dress

As for the wedding dress, I actually prefer to wear the traditional wedding dress. And as my hometown is in Palembang, I want to wear this kind of wedding dress, like the one that Aliya Rajasa wore for her holy matrimony.

photo source: Dinar Anhar Blog
Or the one that Arumi Bachsin wore during her wedding below,

photo source: Kapanlagi
Why? Because I love the traditional dress from Palembang. It is a mix of gold and red so it looks very glamorous and queen-like. Besides, nowadays I've seen more and more couple decided to do modern wedding and leave the traditional wedding dress behind, so I want to preserve it!


On my wedding day, of course I want to be the prettiest woman on earth! So I have to find the best Makeup Artist that can transform me into the most beautiful woman. But errr, it's hard to find nowadays because the result is different for each person.

One of my friends said that each makeup artist has his/her own specialization. For example, those who are specializing on traditional wedding makeup doesn't do well for modern wedding (which usually use more natural makeup).



I also want to have those cute and beautiful wedding invitation and also memorable souvenir for the guest. 

taken from Bridestory by Le Paperville
taken from Bridestory by Cup of Love Design Studio

BUT WAIT.......................

How to get those? Well, it must be super tiring to look for the right vendors for whole wedding, starts from venue, photography, catering, decoration, invitation, makeup, etc.

But do you know what, now there's the savior for all of us who wants to have a dream wedding! It's Bridestory, ladies and gentlemen! Beauty inspirations are only a click away!

Remember my problem about makeup artist for wedding? It's gonna be hard to decide who, but with Bridestory, you can find an artist that suits you most. Don’t find one that creates an entirely new you, but find one that can simple enhance the natural beauty of you.

Look through www.bridestory.com for stunning wedding day make-up inspirations.

Not only makeup, you can search and find LOTS of wedding inspiration in Bridestory as it has such a nice interface inspired by Pinterest. I bet you're gonna LOVE it!

So, what is Bridestory?

Bridestory.com is an online portal that offers an extensive list of wedding vendors, each representing different concepts and unique expertise. Bridestory facilitates, provides options, connects brides and grooms-to-be with the right wedding vendors and aims to contribute to the realization of a dream wedding through quick and easy access.

Bridestory serves as a meeting point for brides and grooms-to-be and wedding vendors. It aims to save time and effort to allow couples to put more focus on the joys of getting married. Engaged couples can surf the site to find wedding inspirations from various wedding vendors within its extensive list of twenty unique service categories and use the technological platform to help them with the process in choosing the right one, according to their budget and location.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're going to get married, do open Bridestory and you'll find a lot of help and inspiration for your perfect dream wedding!

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  1. hihii... moga2 terkabul ya kak tiaa....
    btw ini aku lina yang di kawaii beauty japan..
    masih ingat ga? :P
    Boleh folback ak d gfc ga kak ?
    makasih banyakkkk :D



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