Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Beauty in U Store in Mall of Indonesia

On September 13th, I attended Beauty Bloggers Gathering in Beauty in U Store in Mall of Indonesia.

The agenda at that time was Makeup demo by Rachel Goddard and Fashion tips & trick by a Fashion Editor.

She's gorgeous! I mean, look at her hair! So cute!

And she also gave some makeup tips & trick for us.

After makeup demo, then the committee arranged fun games for us. At that time I was late because MOI is so faaaar away from my place, and it was my first time there.

So there were three of us who were late, and we have to do some kind of challenge where we should apply lipstick and lipgloss without mirror.

me and other two bloggers who came late :p

close up!
And I WON! LOL, Rachel said that I won because I'm creative (yep, I cheated a bit by peeping at the reflection of myself on the lipstick packaging).

lipstick challenge contestants with Rachel Goddard

I won again!
best dresses!
all beauty bloggers, makeup artist, beauty editor, and MC

Gathering done, then we were heading to the store of Beauty in U!

So, basically Beauty in U store is a one-stop place where you can find so many beauty products from makeup to skin care.

makeup shelf

In front of the store you can quickly browse the hot items (mixed between skin care and makeup).

skin care section - whitening

Actually, the highlighted brand at that time was Privia New York. So Privia New York is Korean brand (WHAT?) Haha. Yes, so this is actually Korean brand, but the brand image is to be beautiful just like the New York girls do.

Not only makeup and skin care, Beauty in U also provide some perfumes by Privia! ^_^

 Curious? Just drop by at Beauty in U Store at Mall of Indonesia Ground floor!

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  1. Hi mbak Putri, apa kabar nih?

    terima kasih atas reviewnya tentang Beauty In U yah...
    Kami segenap manajemen Beauty In U mengucapkan terima kasih banyak buat teman" beauty bloggers...

    Salam buat semuanya...#BeautyLovers.

    Oh ya,,,, online store beauty in u sudah ada loh...
    bila ingin pesan produk kesukaannya,
    silahkan mampir di http://www.beautyinustore.co.id

    Salam dan Sukses selalu,



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