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Office Lady Look by Sarange


Truth to be told is that I was supposed to create this post for IBB I-POP Makeup Challenge, but totally FAILED because I didn't have enought time... *le sigh*

So I got these Sarange products from Sarange Indonesia and thanks to Jean *grin* So, I decided to shift the post into my usual look; Office Lady Look.

There are 4 products from Sarange that I've used to create this look. Let's see the quick review one by one!

1. Sarange Triple Crown BB SPF 33/PA+++

This BB Cream has triple function which are:
  • UV Protection with SPF 33/ PA+++
  • Whitening
  • Anti-Wrinkle
So it's perfect for daily use since it can protect the skin from UV rays while also soothe the skin from irritation.

You won't need makeup base or foundation before and after since the coverage of this BB Cream is already medium-to-high enough.

It comes in tube packaging which is good and hygienic. The texture of the BB Cream is quite thick and it has subtle fragrance (don't worry: it's safe for my sensitive nose!).

2. Yeonin Sweetheart Pearl Powder & Creamy Concealer

This product captured my attention since I tried it on the launching of Sarange few months ago. So Yeonin (to be short) is a combination of cream concealer and shimmering loose powder in one.

Before, I've heard from Sasya that the concealer is so good that it can cover her dark circle, and since I have big problem with that too, I was excited to try this!

I gotta say that the texture is very creamy, but still easy enough to be blended. It can cover up my dark circle, redness, but not enough for my dark spots though. So it can be concluded that it has medium coverage, perfect for daily use.

And it also has shimmering powder with automatic puff where we don't need to pour the powder on the puff, but just need to tap to our face directly.

I love the subtle shimmering effect, because it makes my face appears brighter and keep the glow from BB Cream (not matte).

3. Choigoya Awesome Real Red Lips

Got Choigoya a.k.a Red shade! LOL, I love Red shade lipstick. It's like one-size-fits-all kind of lipstick. The color finish is glossy, but just right, not too much. It's moisturizing my lips as well and has subtle fragrance.

4. Jaljinae What's Up? Automatic Pencil

This automatic pencil is my number one favorite out of these 4 products from Sarange!

Unfortunately, it has only one shade; dark brown. But I personally think that it's more gray when applied to my eyebrow.

I've always been a fan of automatic eyebrow pencil since it's easy and practical to use for day-to-day look.

It also comes with a brush attached on the other side of the product, so nice!

Office Lady Look Tutorial 

1. Before Makeup

Yes, that's my before picture,only wearing sunscreen and I promise no contact lense, eyeliner, eyebrow, and lipstick!

2. BB Cream Applied

And here's my face after applying the Triple Crown BB Cream and Concealer by Sarange. It covers up my huge pores. And yes, it covers up my dark circle as well! LOL. Ignore the eyebags, it's my own natural eyebags, it's been there since I was kid :p

3. Shimmering Powder Applied

Shimmering powder applied! I just love that my face doesn't go matte after using the powder (that's the reason why I hate wearing powder).

4. Eyebrow Apllied

Since I already have my own natural eyebrow, I just have to fill in the space between my eyebrow hair.

5. Eyeshadow Applied

I used another product for eyeshadow; it's ZA Eyes Groovy 06 Mauve Berry.

left: using eyeshadow - right: no eyeshadow

6. Blush Applied

Used Tarte True Love Natural Cheek Stain that I've got from Ci Carnellin :)

7. Eyeliner and Lipstick Applied

I used CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Killer Black for eyes, which has been so amazing. Though it takes longer time to dry but the staying power is amazing!

And for lips, I create gradient lips by using Sarange Choigoya Red Lips Lipstick!

Thank you Sarange Indonesia for amazing product, especially The Triple Crown BB Cream because it stays all day long even when I have to go out under the sun during office hours.

And here's some pic spam haha.. LOL, any office lady shouldn't look or pose like this.

Till the next post!!

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