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Cutie Cats Cafe - The First Cat Cafe in Jakarta!

Are you familiar with animal café? Especially, cat café? Well if you're not, cat café is a theme café whose attraction is cats that can be watched and played with. Patrons pay a cover fee, generally hourly, and thus cat cafés can be seen as a form of supervised indoor pet rental.

As an animal lovers, which one of them is cats, I am really glad that finally cat café is available in Jakarta. And earlier this March I got the chance to visit the first cat café in Jakarta; Cutie Cats Cafe.

It's located in The House of Pika-Pika, 2nd floor, Jl. Kemang Raya no. 12F. If you're confused, just look for SPARKLING SOCIETY store, the café is located on the 2nd floor of it.

Let's take a tour!

After arrived at the 2nd floor, you'll see the signage of the cafe with some cutie decoration all around.

And you can also read the house rules of the cat café on the right side after the stairs end.

house rules
The place is small but not too packed, it's just a little heaven for cat lovers like me. Of course we can order food and beverage as well here.

By the way, all the food and beverages are sweet, because this way the cat won't attracted to taste what you're eating!

And, before entering the play room, we should change our shoes/sandal into room sandal!

Let's go inside!


We're greeted by this pair of lovely black and white cats and they're TWINS!

Twin cats: Bumble and Spotty
The cats were feed on the vitamins by the Vet

The place is super cozy and nice. We can sit either on the sofa or on the carpet to play with the cutie cats!

See how fun it was? Hahaha, it was such a dream to stay in a room full of cutie cats!

And this is Mr. Luigi, when I arrived he was sleeping, it was like "I don't care, I just wanna sleep, humans"

But after a few minutes, he woke up and we played together!

Mr. Luigi is one of the grumpy (but still cutie) cats in Cutie Cats Cafe. Though grumpy, he's still playful.

And this is Bumble! One of the twins. How to spot the difference between Bumble and Spotty? It's easy, Spotty has black spot under the lips.

Surpriseee! They also have one Scottis Fold cat; Usagi. She's very small but very active. She ran everywhere and surprised everyone!

And this is Mr. Kenji, the other grumpy cat in the cafe! He reminds me of my cat, cause it's gray! He's sooo cute, even though he doesn't want to play as much as others do, I was attracted the most to him.

whatcha lookin' for?
And this is Argo; the Bengal cat! He was sleeping like 90% of my time spent in the cafe. But when he woke up he's so playful!

They also played with each other like Mr. Luigi and Bumble below. So cute!

On that day, I also met Kak Carryn and Rini, hehehe, we're all cat lovers!

And we also took picture with the owner; the beautiful Mrs. Lia Kurtz!

OK, those are information about the cats, now what are the food?

the friendly staffs
They sell varied food stuffs there. Look at these cute cookies! Doraemon and Hello Kitty!

And the signature food is this Cat Cupcake. Luckily it's inside the goodie bag and it's freaking delicious! I am not a fan of cupcake, but this one, hmmph! It's super delicious! Not too sweet and it taste just right.

The also sell variety of cake for Omiyage (souvenir) which are named after the cats in the cafe!

I bought Bumble's Banana Cake Home and it's really delicious as well. And all the cake are all homemade, so it reminds me of home, hehe.

Thank you very much Cutie Cats cafe for inviting me there! It was such a pleasant memories to play with the cutie cats and I will definitely pay another visit in the future!

P.S. You better RSVP first cause last month, the cafe is already full-booked until April!

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  1. Aaaa...., aku pecinta kucing. hehe... kayanya kalo aku ke sana nggak pengen pulang yaa... >_< betaah

    1. iyaaa, lucu-lucu banget pula kucing-kucingnyaaa

  2. Ishhhhhh kudu rsvp dari sekarang berarti ya ci....
    Akuuuu mauuu kesanaaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Iyap, eh mba Echa udah dapet invitationnya kan ya :p

  3. Ahhh lucu yaaa. Kapan2 mau mampir kesana ahh..

    1. Ayo mampir, puas sihh... Walau berasa kurang waktunya aja hehe..

  4. Kucingnya lucu-lucu. :) Tempatnya juga cozy.

    1. Iyaaap.. Tempatnya cozy banget, dan desainnya juga cukup lama supaya ketjehhhh

  5. waah kafe kucing lutunaaa
    iove cat


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