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Earth Hour 2015 & Rampok Kantong Plastik with The Body Shop Indonesia

When you heard the word "The Body Shop", what goes on your mind? As for me (and millions of people in the world), I believe it will be "green", "environmentally friendly", etc.

And again, The Body Shop Indonesia proudly presents Green Month Campaign 2015 with several programs:

  • Collecting 1 million petition #pay4plastic which was initiated by Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP)
  • Supporting Earth Hour with 325 KWH target
  • Collaborating with many parties, including malls

In the press conference there were Rika Anggraini (GM Corporate Communication The Body Shop Indonesia), Nadine Chandrawinata (Actress and initiator of #seasoldier), Ersa Mayori (Actress & mom) and Nadine Zamira (Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik).

Diet Kantong Plastik

The Body Shop commits to support any kinds of effort in order to reduce and avoid the excessive use of plastic bag and thus collaborates with GIDKP. That's why, The Body Shop is asking its whole customers to support and sign the petition #pay4plastic which are already available in whole The Body Shop stores from March 26 to May 2015 or in www.change.org/dietkantongplastik.

What's interesting is that the petition is addressed to our president Joko Widodo, DKI Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, and the Chairman of Association of Municipal Government in Indonesia; Vicky Lumentut. It demands that president, along with DKI Jakarta governor and Indonesia's municipal government to create new local regulation to limit the use of plastic bag. (Peraturan Daerah Pengurangan Penggunaan Kantong Plastik) as the implementation of Government Regulation No. 81 in 2012.

Moreover, it will be better that Indonesia can stop giving free plastic bags for shopping.


Not only in the cities, plastic bag is also harmful to the sea. That's why Nadine Chandrawinata as the initiator of #seasoldier is supporting #pay4plastic campaign. The marine life is endangered by the garbage, especially plastic bags thrown away into the sea. So, #sealsoldier is aiming to cooperate with youth to do positive activities in order to conserve the marine life.

Earth Hour

Celebrating Earth Hour, The Body Shop turned off the lights in 110 stores, home office, and distribution center with the total target of 325 KWH energy savings during 8.30-10.30 PM that day. And it didn't stop there! Along with GIDKP, Nadine Chandrawinata, Ersa Mayori, and Indra Herlambang, The Body Shop did the volunteering action 'Rampok Plastik' (Rob The Plastic Bag) to Senayan City's visitors. How? They exchange visitors' plastic bag with reusable bag. And it was really fun!

Not only that, The Body Shop also put an iconic art with the words EARTH as one of educational tool to Senayan City's visitor about the facts and dangers of plastic. 

Also there was an exciting 'Shop in The Dark' during Earth Hour in whole The Body Shop stores! And everyone who shopped got 25% discount off for almost all The Body Shop products.

12 komentar:

  1. Always love how Body Shop spreading all the good caused.
    Aku ikutan juga sih yang belanja gelap-gelapnya. Hihihihihi...


    1. Iyaa.. Acaranya menarik dan biasanya ada unsur charity dan good cause!

  2. kantong plastik ternyata bad to earth effect ya?
    knp.jg warnanya itam ya?

    1. iyaaa, karena pemakaiannya berlebihan dan ga bertanggung jawab :(

      warna hitam kenapa ya, iya aku juga jadi wondering hahaa.. mungkin jadi kayak tas, biar ga keliatan isinya hihihihi

  3. Kalau belanja mending dikemas kardus bekas ya?

  4. Kalau belanja mending dikemas kardus bekas ya?

  5. Body shop keren lah. Produknya keren, kampanyenya juga keren :)


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