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Menard Fairlucent Pack White Ad

Hello..! Another Menard product review from me! Hahaha, I'm so in love with Beauness S Lotion from Menard so of course I'm always excited to review other products from them.

Last February, in Japan Beauty Week 2015 in fX Sudirman, Menard introduced its new formulated Fairlucent White Pack AD and Skin Check.

Let's review the White Pack!

About Menard Fairlucent Pack White


110g/ 3.8 ozA whitening facial mask for intense whitening treatment for 2-3 times a week. 

FAIRLUCENT PACK WHITE is an ideal facial mask to whiten skin with intensetreatment for 2-3 times a week.

Helps the skin to stay fair with great effects on whitening, healing inflammation after sunburn which promotes melanin production and preventing the production of melanin by cutting off the substance that stimulates melanocyte.


  • Effectively lightens stains and freckles by eliminating, reducing melanin and inhibiting melanin production and proliferation of melanocytes. 
  • Contains Stable Vitamin C Derivative (APM), Vitamin E Derivative, Enzyme-treated Rice Extract 
  • Improves whitening effect by soothing redness from the sun and regaining a healthy skin condition with fresh feeling. (For use internally) 
  • Soothes the heated skin exposed to the sun and snow. (For use externally). Contains Glycyrrhizinate Derivative (antiphlogistic ingredient) and Cooling ingredients 
  • Restrains the formation of “melanocyte stimulating hormone” during the night, and restrains the melanin production. (For use internally) 
  • Soothes the skin in a delicate condition after exposure to UV rays and regains a healthy condition. (For use externally). Contains a new ingredient, Lian Xu Extract (Abstracted from a stamen of a lotus, used as a Chinese herbal medicine) 
  • Inhibits the formation of histamine and free radicals inside the skin, and conditions the skin to stay free from stains and freckles. Contains Aloe Treatment Essence 
  • Replenishes moisture to the skin by evenly fitting it. Soothes the skin and makes it fresh and youthful. 
  • Leave the mask on the skin for five minutes and rinse it off. The skin looks radiantly fair. 
  • More refreshing and relaxing version of the former FAIRLUCENT fragrance. Faint fragrance. 

Direction for Use

- After cleansing and massaging, dry the face well. Take an adequate amount on the palm (half of a table spoon), and then apply over entire face avoiding the hair line, eye and lip area.
- Leave on for five minutes, and then rinse off with cold or lukewarm water.
- Use twice or three times a week to treat the skin ideally.
- The container will not revert to the original shape after use because of air-stopping function, which prevents the air from coming inside and protects the quality of the contents. 

Recommended For

- Those who have stains and freckles
- Those who want to prevent stains and freckles
- Those who often have opportunities to be exposed to UV rays
- Those who feel the heat on the skin after sun exposure


That's my before picture. As you can see, I got several dark spots as a result of acne scars and also dullness (cause lately I've been sleeping very late).

OK, let's try!!!

The tube is quite big for a mask. The hole is also big since the mask has thick consistency.

I apply it to back of my hand usually, haha. Too lazy! The consistency of the mask is thick but easy to blend. There's slight scent when I smell the product, I personally like it haha. But when I apply this mask to my friend, she said it's a bit weird though it's not too strong.

Then I apply it all over my face. You need to apply it thick in order to get the best result.

Wait for 5 minutes..... :p


As you can see the result is instant. After 5 minutes, my face is brighter. And after a few times of using actually my acne scars and dark spots fades away. :)

What's the secret of this white pack? It's actually Shirakami Yeast.

What is Shirakami Yeast?

Shirakami Yeast was found from the rich soil of the world natural heritage site "Shirakami Mountains" situated across the Akita and Aomori Prefectures, in Northern Japan main Island. 
Yeast are usually susceptible to low temperatures and cannot live in an environment below the freezing point; Shirakami Yeast, however, is a special yeast and strong enough to survive in an environment at -30°C. 
Shirakami Yeast is also used as baker's yeast, and it is said that the hands of some bakers using this yeast became very white. 
Shirakami Yeast is the yeast for "whitening." 
Because of its strong vital power that other common yeast do not have and the fact that the hands of some bakers who used it became very white, Shirakami Yeast is considered a special yeast containing some ingredient that has a whitening effect, and MENARD has concentrated on research into this yeast. MENARD has finally elucidated a new mechanism of spot formation and discovered that Shirakami Yeast Extract has a whitening effect.

I apply this after cleansing, washing, and massaging, then followed by lotion then this white pack. After 5 minutes I apply moisturizer then go to sleep.

Thank you very much MENARD Indonesia

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