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So...? Desirable & Parfums Love You & Me

Spring is coming and it's time to greet the brighter, more colorful days ahead! I believe some of you have seen this product in Guardian and Indomaret. Can't help but paying attention to the colorful packaging though. Especially with the small sticker "From London, England."

ABOUT So...? With Attitude 

So...? With Attitude have been keeping girls smelling fab since the 90's. We're now multi-award winners and present in more than 30 countries over 5 different continents - Go us!

And I tried So...? Desirable along with Parfums Love You & Me. Let's see my opinion about them!

So...? Desirable Eau de Toilette

Actually So...? With Attitude comes with 4 different fragrances to accommodate your personality and preference. And I tried So...? Desirable (lol, I guess I'm that desperate to be desired, JK).

The perfume is so PINK! Can't take my eyes off it. 


Top Notes


Heart Notes

Linden Blossom

Base Notes


I love how fresh this EDT is because of Apple and Mandarin on the top. And the flowers inside the heart is so lovely. Not only that the base notes will also gives you scent of exoticism. All-in-one, right?

So if you are a romantic (or wants to be or smell romantic), you should definitely try So...? Desirable. This EDT is also perfect for day-to-day use as it's not too strong.

Packaging is also nice and lovely. Elegant, sweet, and playful at the same time.

Size is also just perfect to bring everywhere.

Parfums Love You & Me Body Mist

Besides floral scent, I also love fruity scent, usually both of them has fresh feeling whenever I spray them on my body. So, I also try Parfums Love (they're like sisters!) You & Me which has fruity scent.

The concept is so cute right? It's all about the two of you and nothing else matters, though up until I write this review it's still "ME" without "YOU" *die*


Top Notes


Heart Notes

Lily of the Valley

Base Notes


Mandarin and Blackcurrant refresh my mind and body. It's perfect for those of you who are active (especially high school and college) when you have to spend most of your day outdoor. 

And the heart is just perfect pair! One of my favorite scent; Jasmine is here! That's why I can smell the mix of freshness and calm at the same time.

Also the base contains Sandalwood which helps to make scent even more long-lasting.

The size is also big enough, perfect for body mist cause it will be used A LOT. So you actually save more when you buy this haha.

Overall I can say that the fragrance that I reviewed, both Eau de Toilette and Body Mist are really perfect for daily use, from active high schoolers, college sweetheart, even to young career woman.

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The venue will be in The Playroom, PIK


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