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Clozetters Meet Up: Take A Great Picture with Your Smartphone

On last March 28th, I joined a workshop by Clozette Indonesia! This time it's about the most talk-about thing in the world right now: SELFIE.

Yup, I bet almost everyone has done that at least once in their lifetime.

And Clozette Indonesia invited Maria Karina as the gues tutor for us that day!

The event was called Clozetters Meet Up as it wasn't only involved the Clozette Ambassadors but also members. I was so excited to meet with fellow Clozette Ambassador again (though some of them are my friends already haha).

So this meet up was held together with Hello Smithies; workshop curator based in Jakarta. This time, collaborating with the beautiful Maria Karina, the theme of the workshop was soooo useful yet fun. Yes, it's a bit tricky to get the 'right' selfie. Selfie is not for everyone, well at least that's what I learnt from this workshop.

So there are a lot of things contributing to take a great picture with your smartphone:

4 Things to Remember in order to Take A Great Picture with Your Smartphone

1. Background

When taking pictures, it is highly advised that you choose a simple background. Especially when you want to take picture of your outfit of the day (OOTD). 

"But it's cute! The flowery pattern looks soooooo tempting as a background"

Well, choosing the simple background will allow people to be more focused on the outfit and you. Not the background. Focus ladies, focus. That's the key.

Can you imagine if you were wearing a polkadot dress while insisting on using the flowery background? MY EYES HURT.

2. Lighting

Make sure that the photos that you took are supported with good lighting. It's better to take pictures between 9-11AM and 3-5 PM because that's when the natural light are not too strong. 

And please, stop with taking selfie or other photos when the lighting is poor. Such a waste, babes.

3. Pose and Angle

There are several pose that you can try, like these:
tilt head downward
hands on hips, legs crossed

blurred haha

4. Editing

Yes, even though you already take those previous three point into account every time you want to take picture, you still need this point. 

And Maria Karina shared with us some of her best photo editing app like Snapseed, VSCO Cam, and LINE CAMERA.

As for me, I was using only Snapseed but after this workshop I downloaded VSCO Cam thanks to her!

Also there is one ultimate tips from her which is to choose your own signature filter so that all of your pictures has similar tone. 

I personally find this workshop very useful as I am also still learning on how to take a great picture, especially with my smartphone. Thank you very much for inviting me dear Clozette Indonesia.

Wanna join the fun? Let's join Clozette Indonesia and who knows you can also join more fun workshops and events from Clozette Indonesia!

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