Rabu, 13 Mei 2015

Beautiful Inside & Out with Heavenly Blush Yogurt

I am always a big fan of yogurt. And this time I'd like to share to you about my favorite yogurt at the moment; Heavenly Blush.
I would like to talk about my daily life first. As I'm working closely with computers and chasing the deadlines until late night, somehow, these days I feel that my body is trying to warn me. It's easier to catch cold, diarrhea, fever, etc. 

Besides I rarely workout, making my body even weaker and vulnerable to virus and any other bad bad things outside. 

So I recently want to try to improve my lifestyle by living healthy. First thing first, I need to reorganize my eating habit. I have to admit that most of things in my tummy are garbage. And I practice binge-eating. I frequently skip breakfast and lunch then eat as many as I want when the sun goes down. Yeah, I know it's not healthy and even dangerous. That's why I want to come clean by sharing here.

Why I Love Heavenly Blush Yogurt

So why?


And one of the healthy food that I'm trying to incorporate into my healthy eating menu is yogurt. And thank God I found Heavenly Blush yogurt. Why? Because it is packaged in a very nice and handy packaging, making it even easier for me to bring it anywhere. There's no more excuse not to drink healthy cause I can just put it inside my bag, everywhere.

Variety of Taste

It is available in 3 different-but-of-course-yummy taste; Strawberry, Blackcurrant, and Peach. Me personally love the classic Strawberry (it's the first to be introduced among three). Blackcurrant is nice but somehow as a peach-lover, my tongue doesn't click with Heavenly Blush Peach. :(

4 Main Features

Heavenly Blush yogurt also has its own 4 main features:

I've been a loyal drinker of this healthy drink for a month now. What's the impact? My digestive system has never been this healthy. And of course, though I haven't seen any significant change in my weight scale, my body feels lighter and I feel more refreshed day by day.

And cause my digestive system has never seen any better, of course it affects my appearance. My face and skin feel softer and brighter (surely because all those toxins are released regularly). Beautiful inside and out eh?

So, if you're an active woman who wants to live healthily but always fail cause you just don't have time to chop, wash, and cook those groceries, why don't you grab this on that supermarket shelves instead? Who says living healthy is HARD? No more!

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