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Emily: Fat Amy, you have a lovely vagina.
Fat Amy: Thank you.
Fat Amy is back!! LOL. At first I underestimated this sequel, because.. Well usually sequel disappoint me. Especially because it's musical. But it turns out that this movie is just...... HILARIOUS.

I couldn't stop laughing when I watched the premiere with Clozette Indonesia last week. Yes, on May 21 I went for PITCH PERFECT 2 Movie Premiere in Epicentrum XXI with Clozette Indonesia's crew and ambassadors.

I couldn't say no because this movie seems sooooo me!

The story is about Barden Bella's life after the a capella national competition. It opens with disastrous end of their performance for President Obama's birthday: Fat Amy experience humiliating accident which revealed her "down under".

And from that, the drama begins. After that humiliating performance, the Barden Bella's is suspended from performing in any a capella show. Moreover, Beca (Anna Kendrick) secretly starts internship in a recording studio to pursue music career. There is also a newcomer who is played by Hailee Steinfield as a freshman who wants to join the Barden Bellas.

The storyline is nicely wrapped and I really let my jaw dropped because of laughing. The duo commentators; Gail and John, they're doing such a great job to make us laugh from their sarcasm. And of course, Fat Amy still wins my heart just like the previous movie.

The performance by Das Sound Machine (DSM), competitor of the Barden Bellas in this movie, well I admired their performance soooo much! The romance between Fat Amy and Bumper is both freakin' funny and heartwarming as well. I ship them!

I gave PITCH PERFECT 2 9/10 because well, it's highly entertaining and that's all we need for musical comedy, no?

Aside from the story and humor, I also love one of the OST; Flashlight by Jessie J. The song is just NICE, and it was not surprising since it is written by Sia.

Also I paid attention to some of the casts' fashion style.

Above scene is one of my favorite scen because all Barden Bellas' members dressed up sooooo nice!

The plaid skirt plus studded bracelet shows Beca's rockin' style! I was crazy about this style back then when I was still in my freshman year.

And above style is me, in this present time, lol. I love POLKADOT pattern and I also love to mix bright-colored bag with mini dress like that. 80's feelin' is in the air, isn't it?

And above style is kinda, so-so. But it's because of Brittany Snow who wear it that it become extraordinary, I think. It's just classy and looks right in every occassion.

This movie is great for those who's seeking for a lotta laughs. And yes, it's more like girl movie, I understand why my coworkers refuse to watch this. 

Thank you Clozette Indonesia for the chance! For more inspiration about fashion and beauty, please do visit Clozette Indonesia, ladies!

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