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How It Feels Like to be 20 Something and Still Single

I'm gonna be 25 years old in next few weeks.
Yes, fuckin' TWENTY FIVE. It's just 25.

But it's not when you're still single.

This might be another rants that I made, but let it be. So, I would like to tell you how it feels like to be 20 something (especially 25 and above) and shoot; you're still single.

1. People Keep Asking Why You're Still Single

Duh. Is being single a sin? Or worse; a crime? LOL. I mean, if you really care you won't have the urge to ask me that obvious question. And yes, it's obvious because I don't even know why I am still single (yes, you can call me stupid, but that's my final answer to shut them).

2. People Judging You as Being Picky or Have High Expectations

Again. Why. This. Is. Even. Wrong. 

Being picky is normal. And so does having high expectations. It is called expectation because the definition is a belief that someone will or should achieve something. Why settle for less if you can get more?

And trust me, I've been in those awkward situation where I tried to lower my expectation and it ends with deep regrets. I still laugh over myself for that. And yes, my friends are still laughing about it.

3. People Keep Asking When You Will Get Married

Let's have a moment of silence for those people who keep asking me this question over and over again. Who are the suspects? OF COURSE they're mostly my family and relatives. At family gathering or even on the phone I've been asked this question. 

I know that happens to most of the people. Getting that kind of question from your family and relatives is normal. But I've got that answer from............ TAXI DRIVER. Or, to be precise; UBER driver. LOL. It happened once, when I'm on my way to airport very early in the morning. The driver asked me to talk with him since he was feeling sleepy because of the early hour of driving. At first, the talk are simply about our surroundings; bumpy road, policemen, even the traffic itself. But suddenly he popped the question: 
"Where's your husband?" I was like.................. (insert straight face here)
and I said "No, I don't have husband yet."
I thought it's going to be the only awkward situation that morning. But.
"Oh, is it because you have low self esteem?" (he said "MINDER" to be exact).
And this time I just..... LAUGH!
Well I think he's just.... drunk.

4. Getting A Lot of Advices on How to Get a Boyfriend

Ha, this one I don't mind. Luckily I have so many stupid friends (yes, we're friends because we're all stupid, but we're happy). They often give me advice on how to get a boyfriend. And to be honest, up until now, none of them works. And they will blame my unassertiveness for that.

From installing Tinder, to Setipe, to leave office earlier, diet, even now we're planning to join a community or language course for that. HAHAHA. *evil smirk

We'll see.

And yes, that's how my life goes. Though you also have to know that I do live a happy, enjoyable life despite of those 4 situations that I mostly face.

It's just that some people are too vacant to mind their own business, most of the time. At first, I just laughed it off. But I was inspired by a lovely friend of mine (if you're one of my stupid friends, you'll know) who just turn 25. She's a hardworking, caring woman. But these days before turning 25 I saw that her face is gloomier because she thinks that she will expire soon (YES, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID). And I would like to dedicate this post for her and my message is simple:

You can be happy, no matter what people say about you. Single or married, you are loved. And remember, marriage doesn't guarantee your happiness. Your happiness lays on your own hand. Happy birthday to the most lovable, fluffy lady who always bring food for me and others!

And I'm proud to say that even though at some times I feel lonely (I think it's normal), I'm happy living a single life because I've got to explore myself more and experience such a true friendship from various people.

10 komentar:

  1. having a boyfriend wasting your time tbh lol

    1. hahaha, reminiscing my old days I do agree kak! ;D


  3. Hahahahahaha Tia, this post really makes me laugh! Seriously, enjoy your time being single and happy. You have no idea how I sometimes envy you girls who are still single *sigh*

    FYI, I met my hubby online, had a (not intense) chat by email, met up after 3 months of chatting (by email only), he proposed me 4 month after our first meeting, we got engaged in the next month, and we got married 4 months later. Wkwkwkwkwk.... We didn't even make our relationship official at that time (the period before he proposed).

    The moral message: Your soulmate will come to you eventually (in a way you'd never expect).


    1. I'm honored that my post makes you laugh Tyaaa.. Hahaha... Anyway thanks for sharing your love story and how you met your husband! That's just inspiring! And yes it does give me hope lol.

      Thanks for the message, very well noted!!!

  4. Well, lucky me that tho I'm on my mid 20s too, I don't really think much bout dating and mariage, have a family that support my each decision. Well, some marriage friends are sometimes more annoying more than they should but think positive, maybe they just care. But, after all, it's us who knows what make ourselves happy.

    1. Yes, that's true. Our happiness is on our own hand!

      Lucky you to have such a supporting family. Mine is supportive as well, but relatives are.. err... Annoying. Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by Noniq ^^

  5. Ahh, so totally agree. As long as we love ourself, rather than push ourself to meet their mainstrram expectation....

    Kasarnya, malah gw mikirnya "at least i have another things that i love rather than cuman nunggu pacar or cari pacar (cuz thats what my surrounding do)" and im quite sure even tho jomblo, pasti tetep byk kesibukan... gimana klo ud taken lol #dirajam

    Last but not least Tia, seenganya u ga dikira demennya ama cewe rofl

  6. What? 25? It's too young to get married these days.. Just get a life, and have fun.


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