Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

Anna Sui Protective BB Cream

Earlier this August, Anna Sui Indonesia releases its new BB Cream; Anna Sui Protective BB Cream SPF 50/ PA++++.

What's special with this BB Cream? Well, BB Cream is always associated with Asian, especially, Korean brands. So, having a US Brand carrying BB Cream is surely a great news!

Anna Sui Protective BB Cream is a highly functional BB cream that does it all: mattify, prime, foundation, and skincare. Just one swipe yields a soft, semi-matte finish! 

Fine, dry-textured Smooth Powder is moistened with water and blended into a watery emulsion. Once it has been spread over the skin, the watery emulsion bursts and leaves Smooth Powder on the surface of the cosmetic film. It creates a smooth, semi-matte skin surface. 

A large amount of Pore Focus Gel has been blended in to offer superior coverage of pores. The synergetic effect of Trick Powder and Soft Focus Powder, which are common ingredients in Anna Sui base makeup items, produces velvety smooth skin without visible pores or bumps. Moisturizing Lychee Seed Extract has also been blended in to replenish the skin and keep it moisturized. In addition to the Pore Focus Gel, Sebum Absorbing Powder removes excess sebum, and Peppermint Extract offers an astringent effect and are blended in to help maintain a long lasting beautiful finish.

Watch me reviewing this BB Cream + tutorial on how to apply this BB Cream (the best way according to Anna Sui Indonesia's MUA; Rima Zania!

Lovely Points of this BB Cream are:
  • No need to apply powder afterwards
  • It covers the large pores
  • Light texture and easily applied
  • High UV protection
  • Lasts long (for me it's around 5-6 hours before blotting my face)

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  1. Aku baru nyadar banget kak Tia punya lesung pipit yang dalemm.. Ahh cakeppp.. Ditunggu video - video selanjutnyaaa hihihiii..


  2. Aaahhhhh~ celebrity vlogger.. Masih gaptek sama youtube, pengen follow.. Btw bagus juga packaging bb cream anna sui nya yah.. Jadi ingin coba juga

    1. Hahaha.. Baru coba coba nih bikin vlog. Masih pemula :p

  3. Tiaaaa, dirimu bikin video pake apa? kok hasilnya keren sih? Aku pake kamera digital aku kok hasilnya jelek luar biasa.... huhuhuhuu,,.....

    TalkativeTya - A Beauty Blog

    1. pake Samsung NX2000 Tya, diedit paket imovie hehehe

  4. I love BB cream..although I don't use it too often. But I guess it's good to have it handy all the time :)

    1. Yap, it comes handy and it's lighter than foundie or powder :)


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