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MIA AMICA Spring/Summer 2016 for Vancouver Fashion Week 2016

Batik is one of Indonesia's heritage which is also highly wearable on daily basis. So wearable that most of the offices choose it as work attire dress code once in every week.

Batik itself is very unique in my opinion, the pattern and the color are only few of many attractiveness that it has. Wearing Batik is a sign of appreciating traditional heritage and now there's no need to worry about being so old-fashioned. Wearing Batik can be as fierce and edgy as wearing any other kind of clothing. Nowadays, we can see more and more clothing brand and designer with modern and simple design for Batik. One of them is MIA AMICA by Priscilla Listia.


MIA AMICA is a Jakarta based ready-to-wear fashion brand blending the Indonesian traditional and modern fabrics into the elegant and fashionable women’s attire. MIA AMICA is founded by its creative director and head designer, Priscilla Listia.

MIA AMICA collections are continuously gaining popularity by their up-to-date touch over the Indonesian traditional fabrics, known as ‘batik’ (hand-drawn or hand-stamped or combination of both) and ‘tenun’ (hand-woven), with contemporary design and the application of charming embellishments, embroideries, sequins, laser-cutting, and digital-printing.

The products of MIA AMICA are all manufactured locally in Indonesia utilizing pre-selected resources, while the looks suit for all season daily wear.

Comfort and proud of wearing the products of MIA AMICA will always be a rewarding achievement from our customers. MIA AMICA contrives the meticulous best fashion for women in Indonesia and worldwide.

MIA AMICA for Vancouver Fashion Week 2016

Indonesian prominent traditional hand-drawn and hand-woven cotton fabrics, known as batik and tenun, are undoubtedly a craftsmanship which entitles proud to its user. That unique motif of fabrics from one to the other involves subjective passion, especially if it is blended by comfort and elegant design which you may find in MIA AMICA ready-to-wear woman attire. 

I collaborate with Riza Firli; a photographer slash blogger and Jessica Eveline; Miss Model of Asia & Runner Up 4 Miss Model of The World 2014) for MIA AMICA Spring/Summer 2016 campaign for upcoming Vancouver Fashion Week 2016.

The concept for the collection is 'blue zone', and that's why the collection is highly dominated by various blue tone. To balance it out, MIA AMICA add white color which makes it more elegant for Spring/Summer, do you agree?

Even better, it adds some ornaments to cheer up your Spring/Summer with embroideries, sequins, and digital-printed fabrics.

As for the pattern, we can definitely see the real Spring and Summer with clouds, birds, and for sure; flowers.

The main idea of this collection is to enjoy Spring/Summer in comfort and still looking effortlessly graceful and elegant.

And of course fashion will never be complete without the touch of beauty. Jessica herself is a natural beauty, so I didn't put much makeup on her. Spring/Summer is meant for natural, flawless makeup. So I just add earthy colors just like the MIA AMICA Spring/Summer collection.

The new collection from MIA AMICA will be available in Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) Spring/Summer 2016 (September 28 - October 4 2015). If you're visiting VFW, you should attend MIA AMICA collection on runway on Thursday, October 1st 2015.

And MIA AMICA collections scheduled to be showed on the runway at Thursday, 1st October 2015.

About Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week is one of the world-known fashion event that held in Vancouver, British Coloumbia, Canada since 2001. The event will be running in one week and will unite buyer, media, celebrity, industry professional, and also innovative designers will come from around the world to celebrate this event of creativity and fashion.

MIA AMICA on Instagram

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  1. Cool when u do makeup for model. And
    Congrats for Mia Amica runway soon.
    Hy hy, Dont forget visit ma blog yaa ^^

  2. this is perfect ! - a lovely dress on a beautiful model and flawless make-up 😘 - marvelous Mia Amica, Jessica Eveline, and UtoTIA - also a credit to the pictographer Riza Firli 👌


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