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Beautylabo Hair Color Pure Beige

It's another hair coloring experience everyone! The difference is now, that I am doing it by my own! It's not my first time though, to dye my hair by myself. But, this might be my first time blogging about it.

I just got mine from Beautylabo. Yes, finally Beautylabo is here in Indonesia. Unfortunately, it's not the Japanese one, this Beautylabo is Thai products. Yes, I am a big fan of Beautylabo (the one that is marketed in Japan) and this is my first time with Beautylabo (which is marketed in Thailand).

Let's see how it goes!


As you can see, the color is a MESS. Haha. Lucky me that I got this Beautylabo Hair Color just in time. 


The product comes in a paper box packaging, just like any other hair color products sold in Indonesia. The packaging is dominated with pink color with Japanese model on it.

Beautylabo itself is a brand under Hoyu; a company mostly famous for Bigen brand. LOL.

ingredients, directions, etc.

how to use

The explanation is clear enough, I think most of Japanese products are like this. Though they sometimes do not have English language, the picture makes it clear for us.

As my hair is a total mess at that time, I think my hair before coloring is a mix of the left and center.

inside the product
The product contains: 1 cream colorant pack (in sachet instead of tube), 1 cream developer bottle, 1 nozzle, 1 pair of protective gloves, and 1 instruction leaflet.

Please note that 1 kit is enough for shoulder-length hair (which is mine). So if you have longer or thicker hair, better be safe by purchasing two kits.

Pure Beige variant

the color


I think this is pretty common, but just in case, I'd like to share my tips on coloring hair by yourself. I always wear 'ugly' shirt to prevent sadness from having the shirt stained by the coloring product.

So this time I wear extra-ugly shirt which I always use every time I dye my hair.

And also I wear my coloring towel too, already ugly so no worries!


1. Get ready with the tools and products

2. Wear gloves

3. Pour the cream colorant into cream developer bottle

4. Shake it well until it blends

5. Pour it little by little on hair (I started with root as mine is darker than ends)

6. Repeat step 5 process until whole hair is covered

7. Wrap hair with plastic wrap

For extra caution to prevent colorants spilled or stained my belongings. Also wrapping it makes the absorption even better.

8. Leave it until 30 minutes


Voila! The hair is completely covered with Pure Beige color!

The color is even, so I'm happy. Under flash it's very light like this.

But it's darker under natural light. And the color is exactly like the chart! Moreover I didn't expect that the color turned out right because I didn't bleach my virgin hair (especially the root area).

I love this Beautylabo Hair Color in Pure Beige cause it's sooo easy to get this color. Unlike my previous trial with other brand, usually my hair ended up not exactly like the color chart available in the packaging. Usually it goes wrong, darker most of the time.

So, I highly recommend this Beautylabo Hair Color for beginners because it's so easy to do by your own. Besides that, the price is also very affordable! Price may vary from Rp 35.000 - 56.000 depends where you bought it. You can find this product in Guardian and Watsons.

What do you think, does the color suits me?

7 komentar:

  1. pengen juga jadinya warnain rambut...aku dah lama g warnain macem2...ini enak bisa dirumah ya

    1. iya enak mba Echa, cuma ga cukup satu boks kalo panjang lewat leher :p

  2. ini baunya keras banget nggak ti?

    1. lumayan keras, tapi ga sekeras yang foam (yang packagingnya kayak tempat popcorn) Ishmaaah

  3. Hi there..just came across here. Um mind if i ask is the hair colour permanent? I just bought this and i dont know if it is permanent or not. Thanks a lot from Malaysia n i really hope u'll reply!:)


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