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Every woman wants to be beautiful and looking naturally beautiful is the ultimate wish of them. I believe that you don't have to be fair and thin to be beautiful. But make sure that you have clear, smooth, and glowing skin. Because I believe those three characteristics are the signs of healthy skin.

Besides skin care, we need to take care of our skin from inside as well; through food and beverage. Eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most well-known recipe to stay beautiful. But I have to agree that preparing my own meal while being a lazy, single office lady is such a hassle. Yes, I don't have much time and skill to do so (sounds like an excuse, I know). 

And that's why I love the idea of beauty supplement. One of the beauty supplement that I've been consuming is RENEWSKIN.

Through continuous research and development, ASTAXANTHIN is found. This miraculous natural ingredient comes from Haematococcus Pluvialis (algae family) which can give an amazing result for your natural beauty.

I have been consuming this supplement for almost a month and here's my story.

Packed with Astaxanthin, Marine Collagen, Beta Carotene, and Aloe Vera extract, RENEWSKIN is one of the best choices for you to get more beautiful, healthy skin. It is available 15 tablets (starts from Rp 100.000) and 30 tablets (starts from 215.000) packaging. Since it's not medicine (yes it's supplement aka vitamin as in many Indonesians call it), hence you can buy it without doctor prescription. But no need to be worried, RENEWSKIN is safe and registered in BPOM. But just in case you have any doubts, feel free to consult with the doctor first.

The tablet is round with hint of peach color, no fragrance, and doesn't taste bitter when accidentally licked. I consume it twice a day, before sleep and after wake up (before starting my day). 

So I talk a little bit about ASTAXANTHIN, but how effective is it? It has such a great power, even 600x more than Vitamin C, 110x more than Vitamin E, 54x more than Beta Carotene, and 550x more than Green Tea Catechins.

So how ASTAXANTHIN works to protect and improve our skin? Astaxanthin in RENEWSKIN is one of the most powerful antioxidants which can nourish our skin to become healthier, more moist, and brighter. It fights free radicals from pollution and ultraviolet rays.

So how about me? Yes, I've been consuming RENEWSKIN for the past weeks and I gotta say that though the result is not clearly visible, but overall I realize that my skin is more moist and firm, the T-zone (I have combination skin) has less excess oil, and my skin is smoother. Also, I develop less acne during my PMS after I consume this supplement.

RENEWSKIN actually promises 4-8 weeks result, so you have to consume it at least for 4 weeks in order to see the result!

And as for you who are Muslims and have concerns over the ingredients, since RENEWSKIN derives from microalgae and marine collagen, it is free from any pig-derived ingredients. Feel safer? 

Last but not least, RENEWSKIN can be consumed for long-term consumption and safe for all skin types. Just make sure you consume it twice a day to get the optimum result.

Are you interested to try?

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