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As EMINA just launched its latest product series; EMINA SUGAR RUSH, I also received the beauty box from them. Let's review it one by one!

EMINA Sugar Rush Lip Scrub

I love the cuteness of the font so much! It comes in pot packaging which is quite common for lip scrub. I don't really like this kind of packaging since it will expose the products to air (and all those dirt and bacteria). 

The texture is quite solid but as you touch your finger to it, it melts. The color is white with some scrub particles (the dark ones).

I took small amount of the scrub onto my lips, then rub it softly in circular motion. I notice that the caramel scent is quite nice. Feels like candy, LOL.





After around 1-2 minutes of massaging the scrub on my lips, I rinsed it with warm water. You can also wipe it with wet tissues. The result is quite nice and significant, I love it.

EMINA Sugar Rush Face Scrub

This range also has another skin care; face scrub. And as its name, the face scrub has real sugar particle and it smells like sweet vanilla. And unfortunately, I HATE VANILLA. I just don't like the scent, somehow I also think that it's too strong and remembering that I'm going to put it on my whole face, I just can't. But, if you love sweet or vanilla scent, I highly recommend it as it really resembles them. 

The texture is thick and the scrub particles is a little bigger compared to most of the face scrub I've tried. This leads to the problem where I find it's too big and harsh on my skin.

I personally think that they can improve the beads to be smaller and gentle to the skin. Sorry, this face scrub doesn't leave me in awe.

EMINA Sugar Rush Lipstick

I got two shades; Cookie Dough and Pink Velvet. Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick has semi-matte finish which is why it will be an all time favorite for me. It contains vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to make your lips stay moisturized and prevent it from being chapped.

Despite of all those matte lipstick madness, for day to day usage I still prefer moist lipstick. Even better, Sugar Rush has semi-matte finish, so for those of you who hates glossy finish, this one is for you darling!

It glides smoothly on my lips, for full coverage two layers of the lipstick is enough. It lasts around 4-5 hours without eating, which is quite a deal for under Rp 50,000 lipstick. But if you eat oily food, it fades away and create some residue, so don't forget to bring your facial tissue to wipe all the residue before you retouch the lipstick after lunch!

Cookie Dough is peachy nude shade which goes on perfectly with my skin tone (warm undertones, medium tone), it doesn't leave my face dull and gloomy (unlike some of failed nude shade that I've tried).

While Pink Velvet is dope. Yes, if you read my previous article (READ: EMINA SUGAR RUSH LAUNCHING) you'll know that I love this shade the most. The intensity, the color, it's just perfect. I can adjust the intensity just by adding more layers. For most of the days I just swipe it once. But for meetings or events I layer it again to add more intensity. The color is also perfect for all skin tones, so if you're think to try Sugar Rush Lipstick, start with Pink Velvet.

Here are my pics of wearing Sugar Rush Lipsticks:

Overall, I am quite satisfied with EMINA Sugar Rush. The lip scrub is nice and I super duper love the lipstick. The only thing that I'm not a fan of is the face scrub. I just hope that they can improve the formula though. But still, it can't change the fact that I just hate vanilla scent, sorry. But maybe lowering the scent intensity could help. The packaging is the king and it makes me fall in love instantly, so for those of you who are 'banci packaging' like me, make sure you have EMINA Sugar Rush in your collection.

See you on my next post!

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  1. kalo menurut aku face scrubnya terlalu besar agak perih diwajah. Aku juga punya lipsticknya ka Tia, warna Maroon Macaroon sama Cherry Bomb:D


  2. suka banget sama scrub bibirnya, kulit kering di bibir bisa terangkat dan bibir terasa lebih lembut dan halus..


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