Friday, June 17, 2016


We eat it, we love it. Who can resist a maroon colored macaroon? Imagine the joy of licking cookie dough straight from the spatula on one midnight pyjamas party. A bite of cherry bomb is mindblowing. Never questioning the temptation of one smooth pink velvet, because it is so real!
YASS! EMINA just launched its latest collection: EMINA SUGAR RUSH. I was invited to the gathering along with other beauty influencers to Arasseo.

Sugar Rush is available in face scrub, lip scrub, and lipstick. Inspired by the sweetness of sugar, EMINA Sugar Rush aims to make our mood brighter and sweeter. 

The Face Scrub is designed specifically to remove dead skin cells, while Lip Scrub is packed with apricot seed fragrance to polish and nourish your lips.

The last but the most wanted product from Sugar Rush is lipstick. I bet that you guys are all excited with this product. It is available in four different shades with uber cute names! They are Cookie Dough (nude), Pink Velvet (pink), Cherry Bomb (plum), and Maroon Macaroon (red). 

Sugar Rush lipstick is damn cute! I bet that all of you will agree with me, right? The packaging is dominated by blue and a hint of white. 

left to right: Pink Velvet - Cookie Dough - Cherry Bomb - Maroon Macaroon
Here's the swatches of the lipsticks!

My favorite is Pink Velvet, it's very suitable for both daily and special occasion look. The amount of pink is just right!

Me wearing EMINA Sugar Rush Pink Velvet
Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick has semi-matte finish which is why it will be an all time favorite for me. It contains vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to make your lips stay moisturized and prevent it from being chapped.

As for the price, EMINA Sugar Rush is quite affordable, the price starts from Rp 36,000 (lipstick & lip scrub) while face scrub can be purchased Rp 52,500.


  1. Ghemez banget emang seri Sugar Rush ya, Kak Tiaa x) Aku baru beli yang face scrub wanginya enak syekali waakk. Lipstiknya juga warnanya sukabanget pengen punya semua warnanyaa ahahhaah xDD

    1. Iya, face scrubnya wangi bangeet~ Lipstiknya emang juara sih!

  2. wow, pink velvet menggoda banget warnanya ^_^

  3. Brand ini emang juara ya Kak kalo soal packaging. Gemes bgt! :p


  4. Bawaan sama Emina itu gumazh, kaya liat balita imut2. DI daerahku masih agak susah cari Emina, padahal pengen swatch cantik dulu sebelum beli :3

    1. Iya packagingnya gemeees... Kayaknya bisa dibeli di Sociolla :)

  5. Face scrub nya kaya sabun cuci muka atau beneran scrub gitu kak? Manis banget ya. Lucu.

  6. Sugra lipsticknya unyuuuu banget ya Tiaaaaaa.. warna-warna nya kawaii^^

  7. packaging nya lucuu banget!! suka lipstick yang cherry bomb!^^

  8. wah tempat2nay bagus banget ya, jadi bikin orang tertarik


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