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Blush and lipstick are makeup staples for mostly everyone, including me. I consider myself to be a lipstick hoarder as I always fall for another new lipstick and keen on trying new lipsticks.

Same goes for blush. I always love flushed cheek look because it makes my face brighter and fresher. It looks cute as well. And just like lipstick, I always keen on trying new blushes in order to get something better.

And I was excited to receive these blushes from ULTIMA II


I bet that most of you are familiar with ULTIMA II. As for me I have been knowing this brand since I was a kid because my mom has been using it. I remember that the lipstick and foundation was super great because I often used it as well (naughty me!).

It turned out that ULTIMA II is US brand, originally from New York, ULTIMA II was created by Revlon founder; Charles Revson.


ULTIMA II has two blush series; Creamy Powder Blush and Delicate Series Blush. This time, I review Delicate Series Blush. It has two different kind of blushes; Delicate Matte Blush and Delicate Shine Blush.

The packaging is shining silver which can serves as mirror. It's simple yet feels sophisticated with light silver ULTIMA II logo on it. It comes with a brush which is nice because I don't have to carry separate brush to use the blush. It's perfect for on-the-go as well. The size of blush is just like most of compact powder and it is actually very similar to Delicate Creme Powder, so sometimes I mistaken it for blush, LOL.


Delicate Matte Blush is smooth and delicate blush on which gives out bright color and long-lasting result. If you are looking for natural finish, this is the one for you. I have 2 Delicate Matte Blush; Nude and Hot Pink.


Rather than blush, I think this one is better act as contouring powder as it has the perfect nude-slash-brown shade. It's even better because it has matte finish so I ended up using it as contouring powder to sculpt my nose and jaw line.

I love the texture since it is ultra soft and has lightweight silky feeling. It is also easy to blend so don't be afraid that you will look like a clown.

But on the picture above, I tried to create brownish look by pairing the nude blush with nude lipstick. The result is surprisingly nice though. The color suits my skin tone perfectly, so I think this shade works best for Olive to Light (Pale) skin tone since the nude shade is not too dark.

Hot Pink

This color is my favorite among those 4 Delicate Blush that I have! At first I thought that this shade will be very, very bright. But it turns out that the color payoff is super natural that it ends up looking like me blushing naturally. This shade provides natural flush of color with soft satin finish. Major love to this shade since it has subtle matte finish it is perfect for daily look but also can be used for night look. It also enhances my cheekbones instantly (looooves!).

This shade also ends up in my makeup pouch and I carry it everywhere now. With this, I can maintain fresh look the whole day.


Delicate Shine Blush is smooth and delicate blush on which gives out bright color and long-lasting result. If you are looking for bright and radiant finish, this is the one for you. I also have 2 Delicate Shine Blush; Baked Coral and Sahara Rose.

Baked Coral

If you prefer shimmer blush, then you should head for Delicate Shine Blush. First shade that I review is Baked Coral. This one has orangey (pink) color which is an alternative to pink blush that you mostly found everywhere. 

If you're keen on experimenting, you should definitely try this shade! Pair it up with pink or coral lips, it will surely creates sun-kissed cheek which is perfect for summer (we have summer all year long here in Indonesia).

Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is nice, natural flush of color with soft satin finish. It's like shine version of Hot Pink, I think. If you want to look even brighter and show more radiance to your whole complexion, I highly recommend you to use Sahara Rose. It definitely makes you glowing from within.

The color is also easy to blend and shimmer particle is very small that it won't look weird on you. It also gives you ultra soft feeling (no more heavy makeup feeling!). The color is buildable so don't be afraid that it will look too much. For fresher look, you can opt for this shade, especially for night look. 



In conclusion, I love both Delicate Matte and Shine Blush because it serves different purposes. While Matte is great choice to look fresh while maintaining natural look, Shine gives more spotlight to you since it will enhance your radiance and has brighter result.

For daily look, I prefer Matte Blush, while Shine Blush is better be used for special occasion like party or date night.

Delicate Matte and Shine Blush are both easy to blend and has buildable color, so it's easy to use even for beginners. It also gives lightweight silky feeling and has minimal dusting (plus point!).

Price is also quite affordable considering the size of product and long-lasting result that it provides. It is available for Rp 140.000 for each blush (both Matte and Shine).

You can purchase ULTIMA II Delicate Blush offline here:
Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, and Star Summarecon Bekasi.

Can't find any offline stores nearby? Purchase it online at Blibli.com!

For more information, drop a visit to ULTIMA II's digital assets below:
You can also read my review of ULTIMA II DELICATE LIPSTICK as well for further knowledge about DELICATE SERIES.

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