Rabu, 15 Juni 2016


Let them grab your attention... We double dare you.

Inspired by the iconic American beauty and glamour, GUESS Double Dare was born. Think of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, she managed to capture everyone's imagination with her beauty, style, playful free-spiritedness, and bold daring attitude. 

Dominated with gold, this fragrance is made of fruity, floral, woodsy, and amber tones, Double Dare is like the sweet, younger sister of the original GUESS Dare. 

Launched in the end of May 2016, I am instantly in love with this fragrance. GUESS Double Dare is the new definition of modern, provocative femininity. 

I instantly fell in love with this fragrance. The packaging design grabs my attention at the first sight.

The signature bottle feels so feminine, yet modern at the same time, thanks to the soft curves and golden hue. What's more? The tiny ornament of gold chain featuring GUESS logo is attached on the bottle's neck. And yes, that iconic GUESS triangle is clearly visible on top of the cap.

I was kinda surprised with the scent. I was expecting those sultry, sexy scent, but instead it was fresh and sweet! Right after spraying it all over my body, a glimpse of tangelo mixed with wild strawberries and sweet lychee leaves me feeling refreshed and sweet. The heart is the combination of jasmine, muguet, and violet leaf. And on the base, it has sheer amber, creamy vanilla, and dry vetiver.

My thoughts about this GUESS Double Dare fragrance is that this is made for those carefree, active women who wants to capture everyone's attention with their bold, daring attitude.

It has moderate longevity; around 5-6 hours. As for the sillage level, it's also moderate as it only moderately lingers around me. People say that I smell nicely and since I have such a sensitive skin (to the degree where I can get headache because of strong fragrance), I am happy to know that I experience zero discomfort with it.

GUESS Double Dare Eau de Toilette is available in 30, 50, and 100 ml (Rp 860,000).

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  1. untuk ukuran EDT lumayan juga ya longevitynya, biasanya cuma tahan 3-4 jam hehehee

    The Journey

    1. iya ci Winda.. Vanillanya lingers cukup lama siiih


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