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Previously, I talked about blush. And just like I said in the previous post, I'm a lipstick hoarder, so it's no wonder I can't hold myself every time I see new lipsticks.

Though nowadays matte lips is trending, I am still a firm believer of moist lips. And as I previously review here [ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick], I love Delicate Lipsticks from ULTIMA II. Furthermore, I finally have a chance to review it again and receive new shade as well.


I bet that most of you are familiar with ULTIMA II. As for me I have been knowing this brand since I was a kid because my mom has been using it. I remember that the lipstick and foundation was super great because I often used it as well (naughty me!).

It turned out that ULTIMA II is US brand, originally from New York, ULTIMA II was created by Revlon founder; Charles Revson.


I previously reviewed Fuchsia and Spice, and now I got new shade; Better Than Chocolate. 

So Delicate Lipstick is lipstick series from ULTIMA II enriched with moisturizer, vitamin C and E which will make your lips look smoother, delicate, and even. It delivers a luxuriously rich and vibrant color while pampering and hydrating lips.

Delicate Lipstick is available in 15 bright, stylish shades. 



As you can see, the color is quite pigmented for a moist lipstick. I love all of those three shades as they are suitable to use for any kind of occasion.


And since I already reviewed some of the lipsticks, I'd like to share to you about how to pair your blush and lips.

Nudy Chocolate Look

DELICATE Matte Nude Blush + Better Than Chocolate Lipstick

I was inspired by 90's look which emphasize a lot on brownish shade. But since I want the look to be wearable on daily basis, I add some colors on my eyeshadow.

On above picture I used Delicate Lipstick Better Than Chocolate combined with Delicate Matte Blush Nude. 

I love the result of Better Than Chocolate, the color is almost nude, with hint of brown color. At first I thought it won't work on me and ruin my whole look. But it turns out to be nice and I'd like to wear it daily, especially when I have heavier eye makeup. It helps balancing the whole look. 

Naturally Blushing Look

DELICATE Hot Pink Blush + Spice Lipstick

As I mentioned previously in blush review, I love Hot Pink the most! And since the blush is already on point, I just have to choose the most neutral lipstick shade to complete the whole look. 

The point is to accentuate radiant, subtle look on me. Spice is perfect color for almost everyone across all ages. My mom loves this shade as well as it looks like natural lip color. Yes, it's my-lips-but-better result!

Sun-Kissed Look

DELICATE Shine Baked Coral Blush + ProCollagen Spice Lipstick

Since I also received ProCollagen Lipstick (review coming soon!), I paired it up with Delicate Shine Blush Baked Coral. The shade I used is ProCollagen Lipstick in Spice. Though shade's name is the same, the color result is definitely different from Delicate Lipstick. It's more like soft, creamy pink.

ProCollagen Lipstick - Spice
And here's the whole look. Ready to face those sunshines?

Rose Radiance Look

DELICATE Shine Sahara Rose Blush + Fuchsia Lipstick

Even though my favorite blush is Hot Pink, but as for the whole look I have to say that this Rose Radiance Look is my favorite one! The combination of Sahara Rose Blush and Delicate Lipstick Fuchsia blends in perfectly which makes my complexion glowing from within.


To summarize it all, I am (still) in  love with ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick. It gives me ultra soft feeling whenever I glide it over my lips. And plus point is that the color is buildable from medium to full. It doesn't make my lips dry as it contains silk enriched mega moisturizers along with vitamin C and E. 

My favorite shade is Spice, but as I mentioned before; combination of Shine Sahara Rose Blush with Fuchsia Lipstick is the best among all four of makeup looks that I created.

Price is affordable as well. You can bring it home with Rp 90.000/ piece. Let your lips breathe in a while after all those matte lipsticks. ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick is obviously your lips savior. It moisturizes while enhance the color of your lips.

You can purchase ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick offline here:
Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, and Star Summarecon Bekasi.

Can't find any offline stores nearby? Purchase it online at Blibli.com!

For more information, drop a visit to ULTIMA II's digital assets below:
You can also read my review of ULTIMA II DELICATE BLUSH as well for further knowledge about DELICATE SERIES.

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