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Back with another Korean skin care review and still from MAXCLINIC! This product is the most talking-about product these days. It's MAXCLINIC CIRMAGE Lifting Stick. Ready to read my honest review?


This lifting stick contains 7 Cirmage Lifting Stick, so basically it's highly-concentrated product.

This product works to pull, lift, and hold the skin. It helps lift the sagging skin and prevent wrinkles on face and neck. Also, it also act as a massage tools to improve blood circulation on our face and neck.

This Cirmage Lifting Stick is highly effective for:
  • Hairline elasticity improvement
  • Eye area lifting
  • Facial area lifting
  • Below chin (double chin) Skin tightening
  • Skin’s curve lines improvement
  • Skin’s blood circulation improvement
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin tightening
  • Eyelid elasticity improvement
  • Loose-cheek lighting
  • Lip area lifting
  • Neck area elasticity/Neck wrinkles

This lifting stick is made of several impressive ingredients, such as:

  • 17 types of peptides (pepta-rich complex™) 

Pulling thread component and holding fixer component makes skin healthier and supple.

  • 4 types of collagen Vitamins that activates collagen

Contains 4 types of collage, and helps make skin elastic and radiant by filling the skin edge-to-edge.
  • Niacinamide

Ministry of Drug and Food Safety Whitening/Wrinkle-reducing double effects.

  • 15 patented properties

Protects skin and makes skin more hydrated.

As for the packaging I want to give two thumbs up for the design! The gold color speaks out for the luxurious branding that this product presents. The packaging design also reminds me of deodorant roll on, but somehow it feels luxurious.

You can dispense and use the product by twist the roll on the bottom of the product until the stick pops up. Very easy and practical, no need to use additional, separated tools to perform massage.

How To Use

It has 4 edges; Side A (eye area), B (neck, jaw line, cheeks), C (neck, jaw line, cheeks - for high pressure), and accupressure theraphy (nose, lips, temples, lymph area behind ears).

As for the guideline, I follow the steps below.

And here's my own version of step-by-step of using MAXCLINIC CIRMAGE Lifting Stick.

  1. Using side B(or C) lift from the bottom of your neck to the chin 2~3 times and press the back of your ears
  2. Using side B(or C) lift the fatty part of your chin to your ears 1~2 times
  3. Using side B(or C) lift the facial skin from the chin to your temples 1~2 times
  4. Using side B(or C) lift from the corner of your lips to the temples 1~2 times
  5. Using side B(or C) lift from the side of your nose to the temples 1~2 times
  6. Using a corner of side A to massage your eyebrows from the inner corners, outwards, 1~2 times.
  7. Using side B(or C) firm up the baggy area under your eyes from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner, 1~2 times
  8. Use side A to lift up the skin on your forehead from the eyebrows to the hairline.
  9. Using side A glide along the your hairline, starting from the center, down to temples and gently press your temples as the last step of your massage.

And after around 15-20 minutes of using this lifting stick, taraaa~

Since I just started using this product for few days, I can't show you any before-after results yet. But somehow this product does the lifting job quite well and it doesn't feel sticky or melt after the use (I read some people complain about sticky feeling after using this stick).

So maybe, you should just skip this product if you have oily skin. As for me, I have combination skin where my T-zone is oily and my U-zone (cheeks and jawline) is dry. I usually use this after toner and serum/essence and ready to sleep! In the morning, I find my face very moist and so far (thank God), it doesn't cause me any breakouts, YAY!

Thank you BNT News for choosing me as BNT Girls and giving me a chance to try this amazing skin care products from Korea!

BNT News

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  2. Back with another Korean skin care review and still from MAXCLINIC! This product is the most talking-about product these days. It's MAXCLINIC CIRMAGE Lifting Stick. Ready to read my honest review?
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