Kamis, 18 Agustus 2016


Hello beauties! I recently collaborated with other 3 Indonesian beauty bloggers to recreate TWICE members makeup in "CHEER UP" MV!

A little introduction, me, Jean, Lele, and Vindy decided to create collaboration video on our own Youtube channel, since TWICE just released its latest song "CHEER UP", we choose it as our very first collaboration theme!

I chose Jihyo, who is also the leader in TWICE. Why? Because I love her big eyes, powerful voice, and her personality (I watch how she's determined to give 100% on Weekly Idol show, LOL). I also think that her facial features are lovely and different from most of Korean idol has. 

Here's the video of me doing the makeup and I hope it resemble Jihyo's makeup in TWICE "CHEER UP" MV! Let me know what do you think on comments below. :)

4 komentar:

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  2. Nice share! my friend's college writing services helped me find this blog. It's amazing how you customized you blog perfectly according to you language and at the same time managed to enable English-scrip translate effectively. Good job! I tel you what.

  3. hasil make up-nya bagus kak, benar-benar sama..


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