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SHINZU'I Body Lotion

Holla beauties! Who doesn't know about SHINZU'I yet? I bet that most of you must be familiar with this brand. I remember back then when I was in high school, I used the soap bar diligently every day in order to brighten up my skin (I used to play softball, hence the tanned skin back then). And I have to say that I love the result! And I always remember the legendary tagline: Putih Itu Shinzu'i. :)

Now, SHINZU'I has expanded its range of products from body scrub, body lotion, to facial wash. I recently tried its body lotion, and would love to share my testimonial with you all.

First thing first, let's talk about SHINZU'I as a brand. It claims that it is made with natural ingredients, so it won't endanger the skin health.

The core ingredients are:
  • Herba Matsu Oil (patented by SHINZU'I)
    It helps changing melanin pigment (which causes darkened skin) to the brighter leukomelanin. This way, the skin will look fairer and brighter. This ingredient is exclusively used by SHINZU'I.
  • Sakura Flower Extract
    It improves the skin regeneration process which resulting in even and luminous skin. 

SHINZU'I Body Lotion Review

I tried two variants of SHINZU'I Body Lotion; Kensho (blue) and Myori (purple) for around two weeks. It promises to moisturize, soften, and brighten up the skin. It is available in 6 variants with different color and fragrance.


I love the new packaging! It's cute and more distinguishable. I will easily recognize SHINZU'I Body Lotion among other lotions in supermarket alleys. I also love the design and color choice, it's just right. Cute, but still elegant (it fits grownups like me).


The lotion texture is in between thick and runny. I found this texture pleasant since it won't easily spilled of (if it's runny) and easily absorbed. The lotion is absorbed fast by my skin and it leaves me feeling super comfortable because my skin is well moisturized while having no unpleasant feeling of stickiness.


Both Kensho and Myori variant offers subtle fragrance which is just right for me. I have highly sensitive nose, so I avoid any strong fragrance. However, if I have to choose, I think I prefer Myori over Kensho since it has subtler fragrance.

Overall I can say that I love SHINZU'I Body Lotion and will continue to use it until it reaches the end of the bottle. My skin is well moisturized and I have no problem using it both daily and at night because it is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave me uncomfortable during the day (I usually walk to work and it causes no sweat problem).

As for my skin tone, for two weeks of using SHINZU'I Body Lotion, my skin tone hasn't improved significantly. However, I believe that this is a good sign that SHINZU'I really use natural ingredients. All things natural doesn't give instant gratification, right?

What do you think girls? Have you tried SHINZU'I Body Lotion? If yes, tell me your favorite variant in comments section below!

For further information, hop on to SHINZU'I's digital assets below:

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