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REVIEW: VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion

Hello everyone! These days I've super busy due to my new job. And one of the saviors for me is cushion makeup. I've been a big fan of it ever since it first available here in Indonesia. And there are many kinds of cushion available here now. This time, I tried VOV Maxmini Moisture Cushion and Maxmini Smooth Cover Cushion.

So, what's special? It works not only as a makeup base but it also gives a maximum moisture on the skin and to minimize the dull-ness on the skin. That's the reason why the name is MAXMINI. The final result of this cushion makeup is brighter-looking skin with instant glow. 

VOV Maxmini Cushion comes in two variants: cover and moist. I tried both, and they come in various shade which is lightweight and won't give you cakey finish.

VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion

Weightless high coverage cushion gives the skin perfect velvet fit with maximum coverage and minimum flaws. 

It banishes blemishes and dark spots all at once, this cushion keeps your complexion fresh and has long-lasting effect without reducing the coverage.


Smooth Skin Texture
The apricot seed extract inside this cushion will give better looking skin which is smooth and flawless

Camellia oil is added to improve skin elasticity and hide flaws (e.g. pores) and help to achieve flawless skin. 

Long-Lasting Cover & Long-Lasting
It also stays throughout the day (long-lasting).

The cushion is made of micro foam which is better in density compared to other cushions, means it won't waste the product (absorbed inside the cushion).

My Experience with VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion


Due to stress and lack of sleep, I experience worst breakout in this recent two years. As you can see, there are visible redness, active acnes, and dark spots. Let's see how VOV Maxmini will fix this.





I love this Maxmini Cover Cushion soooo much! The texture is super light and one tap of cushion to the product can be used for my whole face! I was amazed!

Plus, it's very lightweight yet able to cover most of my acne spots and redness. This is the final result (complexion only).

I chose shade 23, but as you can see, it's still a little bit fairer than my natural skin tone (the tone difference between face and neck). But, I'm okay with this LOL.

And here's the final result with complete makeup. Please note that I don't set it with powder (I'm just not a powder person...


Surpriseeeee! I wasn't expected this but it does stay on my face up to 8 hours girls! The cushion stays the whole day though it already started look a bit greasy. This is magic :p

I mean, after a whole day my face still looks okay, I can't ask for more! But there are slight patchy areas after a few hours, especially on my T-zone.

My opinion? This VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion is highly recommended for those of you who seek high coverage cushion makeup with lightweight texture. This product also needs little amount to build a perfect complexion, so yes it worth the price (available for Rp 325.000 and refill is Rp 185.000). 

The packaging design is also cute and nice. I love the hologram pattern and the cushion puff is the best! I have to admit that they really deliver their claim for this. Believe me it won't waste your product since it doesn't absorb much due to its high density.

For further information, please kindly drop by here:

5 komentar:

  1. love the coverage! plus it's longlasting. I couldn't live without cushion, too..

  2. Staying powernya oke bangeett..
    Tapi mayan mehong yaa T__T

    ♥ phieselphie blog ♥

  3. aku jg suka banget tia sama cushion ini.. ga berasa pake apa2 n covergenya mantab.. cm awalnya agak lengket2 aja yak.. dan toss aku jg gak suka pake powder hahahha

  4. haaaa jadinya bagus dan tahan lama banget kaaa. wah kayaknya bakal nabung buat beli ini...

  5. Uti, Harganya Rp 325.000 instead of Rp 375.000 Thank you dear Uti...


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