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Senzues Lumi Bright Body Lotion

If you're looking for new choices for body lotion, keep reading! I recently tried Senzues Lumibright Body Lotion and love the result!

Spending most of my time in air-conditioned room has made my skin become drier than ever. And since I'm always over-panicked about early signs of aging, I've been browsing for body moisturizer (both offline & online). The criteria are easy to absorb & non sticky, has brightening function, and of course moisturizing enough.

So the choice went to Senzues. I've read a lot of the positive reviews from fellow beauty bloggers, so I gave it a go! It's only available online, so you need to check their shop here. For your information, Senzues is safe to use since it is free from paraben & SLS. Meanwhile, it is also already registered on BPOM.

There are 5 variants of body lotion from Senzues:
  1. Lumi Bright - to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots
  2. Hydra Cool - to repair stem-cell overnight
  3. Night Active - to hydrate and provide broad protections from UVA and UVB
  4. Hydra Firm - to reduce the cellulites, tighten your skin, and smooth out wrinkles.
  5. Cell Active - to restore skin’s natural anti-aging

Let's talk more about the ingredients inside Lumi Bright! Whats so special is this variant is infused with bioREGENE+™. It is the key to luminous and flawless skin since it controls the formation of skin pigmentation.

With active extract of brown algae from the Atlantic Ocean, Lumi Bright regulates melanin synthesis to reduce dark spots and lighten skin tone. It further stimulates cell renewal while restoring the skin’s moisture level.


  • Improves skin luminosity for a glowing skin
  • Lightens skin tone
  • Reduces appearance of darkspots
  • Deep hydration through improvement in skin’s moisture holding ability
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Enhances cell renewal process to help smoothen and unifies skin complexion
* For best results, apply twice daily


To lighten skin tone and reduce appearance of dark spots.

Key Ingredients

Matatabi Extract (Actinidia polygama)

Rich in anti-oxidant, this miracle fruit grows mostly in the mountainous areas of Japan.
  • Translucency
  • Brightening
  • Anti-Oxidant

Sea Whistle Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Brown alga found in North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Brightening
  • Anti-Oxidant

Glasswort (Salicornia herbacea)

Coastal plant found off Mediterranean Sea.

The result is beautiful luminous skin that is brighter, even-toned and well-hydrated.

The packaging comes in two different types; flip top bottle & tube packaging. I tried the 60ml tube one and it's nice! Yep, the compact size allows me to bring this lotion anywhere I go.

The packaging is dominated by white shade with silver logo, quite simple. I think can do better with the design? It looks ordinary.

For the texture, I LOOOVE IT SO MUCH. Yep, the texture is light, yet moisturizing my skin just right. It's definitely non sticky and absorb quickly. Moreover I love the small details in it; SHIMMERS. The lotion has soft shimmer (don't worry it's sooo subtle) which I found cute and lovely. Nobody would notice the shimmer, but it creates the glowing effect when it hits the light. Skin also feels smooth and velvety after applying this lotion.

For the fragrance, yay! Due to the super subtle fragrance that it has, Senzues Lumi Bright has officially become my favorite body lotion now. I have sensitive nose and it bugs me out everytime I apply strongly-fragranced body lotion. This one has subtle fragrance so it won't be mixed out with your perfume.

So far I've been using it for a month and plan to repurchase it since I love the glowing effect plus it soothes my dry skin! The only drawback is that it is still available online only. Hopefully it will be available offline so whenever mine runs out, I can just grab it at the nearest store or minimarket.

Instagram: @senzues_id
Line: @senzues_id
Whatsapp: +62811911127

Official website:

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