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For those of you who's been a loyal reader of mine, you must have already known that I have combination skin (where my U-zone is dry and dehydrated). And in this land of hot and humid climate, finding the right moisturizer is just, hard. Let it too 'rich' then will got breakouts. Oh, life. *LOL*

I've been sooo curious with this cream because I saw it a lot on my instagram feed and Lele once reviewed it on her blog saying this cream is good. It was quite expensive (58,000 KRW) and I am so lucky to receive it in February's BNT Box! Super thanks!!!

Though this cream is given for review purpose, trust me I'm delivering honest review for ya.

Let's dig it deeper!
So just like the name, this cream is made from sheep oil. I googled about this and it turns out to be.... Very cruel. 😭  Please note that I'm not an animal activist but to find out that the way it is made involves cruelty to the living animal, my heart breaks..... So I highly suggest those of you who is against animal cruelty not to use this cause, yeah... But for those of you who is not, feel free to use cause I'm no judge to you.

But, based on the information on the box, it is said that the lanolin extracted for this cream doesn't involve act of killing animal.. Fingers crossed that they do not kill single innocent sheep for this. 💔

Anyway, let's talk more about the product itself. This cream is made from pure lanolin only from New Zealand's lamb wools purified with German technology. Lanolin itself is a product of the oil glands of sheep, extracted from their wool.

Claimed as ingredient which combined with multi-vitamins from 8 types of berries, this cream provides comprehensive care for the skin. They are moisturizing, whitening, and acting as antioxidants. 

It also soothes irritation, provides moisture, corrects skin tone, and firms skin. More good news is it contains no artificial fragrance, paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, heavy metals, steroid, formaldehyde or chemical preservatives. Instead, it contains natural preservative; Totarol.

It comes in an elegant yet simple jar packaging, which I have love-hate relationship with. Hate it cause it is jar packaging aka less hygienic. Love it cause it is made of glass and the design wins my heart.

The texture is super light. It has subtle fragrance, not too strong and my nose doesn't give any bad reaction. I love it so much!!! It is rich but at the same time, it absorbs in less than few seconds onto my skin. It leaves no sticky feeling.

I wish I already received this sheep oil cream when I went to China few weeks ago. The weather is super cold and dry and until now my skin still suffer from it. So, nowadays I always apply this cream on my face, neck, and body (especially elbow, knees, and heels) every night before I go to sleep. It does help a LOT. And yes, no sticky feeling is like the ultimate moisturizer goals.

Conclusion? Despite of the ingredient's controversy, I can say that this KICHO Sheep Oil Cream does the magic for me, it has perfect texture (rich but doesn't leave any sticky feelings) and it does the job for moisturizing and relieve my skin (some parts of my body is so dry that it cracks or flaky).

The only drawback is the jar packaging which in less hygienic and yes the price is expensive. 😭

Anyway thank you for letting me try this amazing cream, BNT News!

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