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Experiencing MATRIX Sensoria: Totok Creambath Aromatherapy

Muthia; PR of L'Oreal Professionnal Products - MATRIX Education Manager - dr. Irzan Nurman; Acupuncturist

Yesterday, I attended an event held by MATRIX Indonesia at L'Oreal Academie. Yes, MATRIX is under L'Oreal, ladies. Just to inform you a bit, L'Oreal Indonesia has Professionnal Product Division, and MATRIX, together with KERASTASE and L'Oreal Professionnel are under that.

If KERASTASE is a premium brand, and L'Oreal Professionnel is more famous of its coloration products, MATRIX is a professional product for middle to low segmentation. In other words, it's affordable. *happy*

But don't be worried, though it's affordable, MATRIX is always keeping up with the latest technology to improve its product and compete closely with other brands in order to win customers' heart.

And me along with other beauty bloggers had chance to experience the new treatment by MATRIX.

The new service is called Totok Creambath Aromatherapy.

Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡

So if you're Indonesian, I bet you'd be familiar with this term. It's actually a form of hair spa in general. So, what makes it different with any other creambath then?

Unlike any other Creambath service, Totok Creambath Aromatherapy offers customers to enjoy and experience the treatment combined with Acupuncture (that's why it is called Totok). Most of the creambath treatment massage only relies on the strength of the therapist, without acknowledging the science of nerves on our head. With this latest innovation, MATRIX works together with dr. Irzan Nurman; an acupuncturist. Not only with acupuncture, MATRIX Sensoria contains aromatherapy with Chocolate, Apricot, and Mint aroma to treat the customers. With this collaboration, MATRIX hopes to improve the creambath service, as well as benefiting both salons and customers.

Ultra Rich - with apricot oil and wheat
Rich in protein to give more nutrition to your hair. Feel softer and smoother hair after using this, not to forget its nice fruity scent.
Chocolate Fudge Spa Creambath - with cocoa extract
Enriched with cocoa extract, this product will boos your hair nutrition and is recommended for those who color their hair brown.
Fresh Mint Creambath - with mint extract
It will balance your oily scalp and also gives freshness to your whole hair and scalp.

Now, let's take a look at my experience there!

starts with deflexion (pelenturan), from your back to head (it has specific points to be massaged)

Followed by stimulation session

RINSE, part of refreshing session
Others enjoying 'pelenturan' session on Totok Creambath Aromatherapy
This hair care service has specific mechanism, which is: 1 pressure lasts 5 seconds and will be repeated 3 times. Besides, it has 3 sessions as follow:
1. Deflexion Session (Sesi Pelenturan)
- targets 2 important points in our neck muscle and blood circulation in our head
- also aims to deflect our shoulder and back muscles
2. Stimulating Session (Sesi Stimulasi)
- relieves headache, stress, impaired vision, hearing loss, and stiffed neck
- improves blood flow, respiratory system, and bladder
- relieves nasal congestion
3. Refreshing Session (Sesi Penyegaran)
- improves vision, breathing, and hearing
- prevents fatigue eyes and sinusitis

Rinsing too~ It's Kak Nisa and Fweegy
 And after light styling, which is just blow dry, this is me:

ignore my bloated face here, I'm nearly explode. Oh PMS T_T

Me posed after giving video testimonial for MATRIX

Overall, I love the Totok Creambath Aromatherapy treatment, why?
1. I trust the massage since it has scientific reasond behind it. It's not just random massage, pinch here, press there. Each massage and point has its own nerve and benefit.
2. It has aromatherapy effect. At first, I was hesitant to let the therapist put chocolate cream on my hair. But it turns out that the scent is not smelled like food chocolate. So, the scent won't be misleading. :)
3. I usually have sleeping issue. It's SO DAMN HARD for me to be sleepy. And in the middle of this treatment, I yawned. MAGIC! :D And soon after I get home, I sleep early.
4. The final result is super duper nice, my hair became silky and smooth and easy to maintain.

Soon, this Totok Creambath Aromatherapy will be available in salons which use MATRIX products. I guarantee that you'll fall hard for this! See you!

together with other bloggers

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  1. sis itu dulu semiran pake semir rambut apa dan warna apa ya? thank yoou :)

    1. Itu aku coloring di One Piece Hair Studio CP sama Kevin, gatau dia pake merk apa :/ Kayaknya L'Oreal deh hehehe... Warnanya waktu itu aku minta ash brown, cuma karena rambutku sebelumnya pernah cat merah, warnanya ga jadi :p


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