Senin, 06 Januari 2014

Top 3 Fashion Buddies

Ancient times ago, I posted about fashion a few times. And here it goes again, I want to share my top 3 fashion buddies. None of them is cloth, though. One bag, one cap, and a pair of shoes. Why top 3? Because I wear it daily, and still adore them.

no. 1: Shoes
My biggest weakness is SHOES. Yes, they never fails to tempt me. I always try my best not to come near any shoe store or display. Especially when there's a big, color-striking word "SALE" on it. Haha. Talking about the above shoes, I got it from UNIQLO. It's during the opening of UNIQLO store in Mall Taman Anggrek. I was there along with other bloggers, as seen on my instagram.

I love the shoes, though I dislike the fact that UNIQLO doesn't offer numerical size for shoes. Instead they only have S, M, and L. And since I have 'wide', yes, not long feet, sometimes this shoes hurt. But it doesn't stop me from wearing this daily, the old grandma pattern plus golden round studs just won my heart. 

no. 2: bag
This shoulder bag I've got from my mom, long time ago. I think it was 2-3 years ago when I was still in college. I love the leather and the color. The design is simple though, but I admit that I love the brown color the most. I rarely purchase bags by myself. Most of the time, they're gift from my parents. I had those time when I purchase one or two bags by my own, and when my mom sees it, it will surely ended with mocking tiime! hahaha! She's gonna say "Even if it's free, I won't take it" Besides, I don't have enough money yet to purcase the bag of my dream. Really, I'm okay with cheap shoes (since I wear it daily and yes, even the expensive ones worn out fast compare to bag. But not with bags. My biggest pet peeve is to see, let alone worn, cheap, low quality, fake bags. I have several timeless bags and it last nearly half my age, y'know. Conclusion: buy good bag or save. And I love this Celine bag so much! 

no. 3: cap
My dad owns a lot of caps, so I took one of his. I like this black leather cap. Will feel instantly cool when wear this (but it's rare to see me wearing cap, anyway). Just add a sunglasses and I'm a famous celebrity in a sec, hahaha. I usually pin some brooches here too.

Bonus: Cute bunny in kimono charm

Got this super kawaii bunny charm from one of my office colleague who recently went to Japan. I instantly fell in love the moment I saw it. Really cute, eh? I sometimes put it on my bag handles.

And oh yeah, I recently went on some shopping at Forever 21. Suddenly so impulsive, so ended up buying these lovelies.

Which one if your favorite? Me? Can't decide!

And I recently fell in love with this EDT from Carolina Herrera 212. Got this mini size from a friend of mine, so handy.

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