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Mon Amour Snail Gel Mask

Hello everyone, happy new year!
Have you ever heard of the use of snail for beauty? 

courtesy of Kawaii Beauty Japan
I've read several articles about it, one of them was from KBJ; it talks about the use of snail for facial treatment in one of the famous beauty salon in Japan. They use both snail extract product and real snail dances on your face (literally)!

And I've been so curious in this snail-thing in beauty, then the time has come, finally. I received this Mon Amour Snail Mucin Extract Collagen Mask few weeks ago.

Mon Amour is product of France, fyi.

If you're curious about the power of snail mucin to our beloved skin, just hover to below's image for further knowledge.

Surprisingly, most of the power contained in snail mucin are in Mon Amour Snail Gel Mask as well.

Now, let's see the real mask.

The texture is of course gel, with light brown transparent color. I love the texture since it doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all on me. Very fast to be absorbed to my skin, too.

The smell is nice too. I love it more with the scent. It has very similar scent with wine, hahaha. The scent also helps to build soothing and relaxing ambience whenever I put this mask on.

Thoroughly clean and dry your face before applying.
Apply the mask to your whole face evenly.
Lie back and relax for 30 minutes after applying the mask.
Remove the gel with water.
Can be followed with cream or lotion if desired.

For cool facial spa treatment, refrigerate gel until ready to use.
For warm facial spa treatment, place it in warm water for 2-3 minutes prior to opening.

Skin Revitalizer
Minor Whitening

After using it for almost 10 weeks, I can feel that my face is smoother and I have less breakout (except when I'm on period or PMS).

It gives me instant result by resulting in brighter, fresher complexion right after the rinse with water.

Overall, I love this product and still use it up until now. I use this mask for almost every night during the first week of usage. After that I only use the mask twice a week.

The marketed price for this gel mask is Rp 360.000 for 50ml worth of product.

It's expensive in terms of money, but affordable when you compare the product size.

Thank you for letting me try out this great product, Mon Amour.

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  1. i have heard so much great stuff on snail related products and glad that it does lives up to its claim ;)

  2. Wooo banyak ya sekarang produk snail ^_^
    Sekarang aku lagi pengen coba yang Secret Key, katanya bagus juga. Ini packagingnya lux banget ya. Banci packaging banget diriku haha


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