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Japan Beauty Tour with Kawaii Beauty Japan & H.I.S. Travel Indonesia

I once set up 2014 new year resolution:
to travel somewhere I've never been at least once this year
So glad that it finally came true. Last week I went to Tokyo, Japan with Kawaii Beauty Japan and H.I.S. Travel Indonesia!

I went to experience Japan Beauty Tour as blogger together with Carnellin. We went there on August 19 to 22.

I was excited since this is my first time to go to Japan, while Carnellin has been there before. So I relied a lot on her hehe (thank you for so many tips and guidance there ^^).

My Japan Beauty Tour with Kawaii Beauty Japan and H.I.S. Travel Indonesia


We fly there on August 19 at 11.30 PM. Tee hee, It's 7.5 hours flight in the night, so I plan to sleep in. But ended up watching two movies and not sleep at all, LOL.

First time flying this long hours too, so I just follow Carnellin's advice to put a lot of moisturizer on face and body.

And first in the morning, this was my breakfast.

And here's my face, after not sleeping for the whole night (and a bit of crying because of the sad movie), HAHA.


We arrived at Narita around 9.00 AM then meet the PIC; Shinohara-san. We soon proceed to the Airport Limousine Bus heading to our hotel; Shinjuku Washington Hotel located in Shinjuku area.

On our way to hotel, we ate some of Japanese traditional snacks given by Carnellin's friend whom we meet at the airport. Yummy! Also, I think Green Tea (ocha) is like Teh Botol Sosro in Japan, it's everywhere and everybody is drinking it! :D

After around 2 hours of driving, we arrived in our hotel; Shinjuku Washington Hotel.

Our hotel is located strategically in Shinjuku; the heart of Tokyo. It's walking distance to Tokyo Metropolitan Building (which I previously talked about here), though I couldn't make it there during my trip.

What I love abut this hotel is that it has its own ladies' floor! Yes, ladies only. It's for the comfortable and safety stay for ladies, complete with security door.

And this was my room at that time.

What I love more is the amenities:

From basic like toothbrush set, shower cap, and hair comb, to beauty needs like hair leave on serum, cotton set, sheet mask, razor, even hair band!

Not to forget that this hotel also provide skin care from DHC like lotion, milk, cleansing oil, and facial wash!

And of course, toiletries.

Another thing which attracted me was this! :p

After unpacked and shower, we had a meeting with H.I.S. Travel Japan. Also my first time riding a taxi with automatic door (you know right? The one which will open and close automatically).

And inside is very nice, look at the embroidery seat cover, cute right?

Also, it provides mobile charger!

The meeting was held in Rich Media office (company that owns Kawaii Beauty Japan) located in Shinjuku, the view is AWESOME!

After meeting we finally had our FREE TIME! We decided to eat first, LOL we ate at Coco Ichibanya (we also have it in Jakarta), but the menu has more variety of food and package. 

After eating, we decided to go back to hotel first to change clothes and get ready for shopping, haha, girls' thing.

We went to Shibuya!

Also my first time riding the train~

In Takeshita street, there are a lot of stores which sell variety of products, from fashion items like clothes, shoes, and bag, to beauty items like Matsumoto Kiyoshi to Don Quijote.

I bought a pair of jelly shoes for 1,000 Yen at WEGO, hahaha. 

Takeshita Street

Matsumoto Kiyoshi
And like I said here, I will be lost in Matsukiyo. And it turned out to be TRUE *_*

So maaaaaaaaany things I can find inside. I ended up buying some sunscreens for my mom (The PA++++ hasn't landed yet in Indonesia), bunch of wet tissues (LOL, I'm such a sucker for wet tissues, I don't know why I keep buying them), and hair coloring product for my mom. 

I didn't buy much for myself, cause I was overwhelmed by the abundance of beauty products inside. It has 4 floor (including basement), all for beauty and health products! +_+

Hachiko statue
Done with the shopping and window shopping, we head back to hotel and stop at Hachiko's statue on the way.

Ah, for sure, we also passed the famour Shibuya crossing!

Video Shooting Day


On August 21, we have the promotional video shooting together. The shooting location is in Harajuku-Omotesando-Shibuya.

First in the morning, we have makeup done.

I super duper love the makeup! Japanese makeup definition of natural makeup is indeed very natural! Though it's natural, it covers up my dark spots and dark circle very well. I especially love how they did my eyes ^^

Hair Makeover at ACQUA tua

Done with the makeup, then we head for the shooting in the intersection between Harajuku and Omotesando.

After a few takes for the road scene, we finally head to ACQUA tua; famous hair salon located in Shibuya. I'm excited!

This time I specially requested for major hair makeover! Hehe, keep scrolling to find out.

After short introduction and consultation with the hair stylist, we were taken to get our hair washed.

The service was such a HUGE DIFFERENT. The shampooing and conditioning process was really enjoyable, not to forget that the hair stylist know how to massage. Unlike most of Indonesian salon which, ahem, press anywhere they want as hard as possible (that's why I hate creambath or hair spa in Indonesia).

look at that girl, really cute and her hair is very nice!

The massage was relaxing and soothing. The shampoo and conditioner also smell really nice!

My hair stylist that day is Shin-san. Hehe, We were handled by two top stylist from ACQUA! Such an honor ^_^


Shin-san was extremely attentive to details. After the hair cut is done and while styling, he repeat minor cut on my hair 2-3 times. I'm impressed by his conscientiousness!

During the video shooting, we also talk a bit (with the help of interpreter of course), funny thing is he thought that I was a Filipino! :D

Arigatou gozaimasu, Shin-san and ACQUA tua! My hair makeover accomplished! ^^

Olive des Olive Shopping at Laforet, Harajuku 

Next stop was Laforet, Harajuku. We take the shopping time scene at Olive des Olive store there! It was fun, and I was in love with the kawaii concept it has.

Since we're a bit short in time, this is the only picture I've got from Carnellin. 



Yukata Rental at Kiyora

Enough with Japanese pop and modern culture, now we head to Kiyora; a kimono rental shop in Tokyo. I was really, really excited for this! Yes, I've worn Yukata several times, but get dressed by real Japanese and in Tokyo should be different right?

First, we have to choose which Yukata (pattern and color) to wear. The Kiyora staff kindly helped us with the choice, very friendly ^_^

Second, we should undress then wear the undergarment for wearing Yukata. Actually, it's a very sheer white robe.

Third, get our hair ready. Since my hair is short already, the stylist braided my hair and put the hair piece. Kawaii, right? :p

Fourth, wearing Yukata!! I took Carnellin's picture here.

Fifth, DONE!!

Eating Sushi at Heiroku Sushi

We had our late lunch in Heiroku Sushi Omotesando! Located in the center of Omotesando, you can surely come to enjoy conveyor belt sushi ^^

Heiroku Sushi is famous among tourist, especially foreigners. When we're there, most of the customers are foreigners, either Asian or American.

And no need to worry, the chef can assists us in English!

picture together with the Store Manager of Heiroku Sushi Omotesando

Walking along Omotesando while Wearing Yukata

And here is the last part of that day. We just walk along Omotesando with Yukata, hahaha. That was quite interesting since normal people don't wear Yukata there. We were like the center of the attention that day, one Italian couple even asked to take picture together with us. LOL.

It's tricky to walk like Japanese do

With our PIC during the trip; Shinohara-san haha

After that it's FREE time again!!! Hahaha.

We went to Harajuku again and shop a bit ^_^

Here are the pics:


Target: Kumamon backpack

Lucky Box

Unique store name


Soft ice cream

Another matsukiyo
After such a long day, we also stopped by Gindaco; famous Takoyaki shop. Carnellin and Shinohara-san ate Takoyaki, while I tried the Taiyaki.

I didn't pay attention, but turned out that the Taiyaki is not common Takiyaki! It's actually mix of Taiyaki and Croissant (pastry), hehe. It is really delicious! It is also wrapped with sugar while the red bean paste is very nice as well. I bought two! *greedy*

and failed welfie with Carnellin & Shinohara-san while waiting for train home

So that's it! Such a long post huh? Hahaha.. It was fun and I met some new people there. The people there are nice and friendly, though we can't communicate well (thanks there was an Indonesian interpreter at that time; Sefty!)

Also, I put my trip on Couchsurfing and got a lot of responses (both hosting and meet up)! I was surprised, even I'm now friends with some of the Japanese couchsurfer because they will visit Indonesia. ^^

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and H.I.S. Travel Indonesia for the opportunity to visit Japan. I hope someday I can visit Japan again!


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  1. the hotel looks cool !
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  2. Waaaahhh Tiaaa, really love your new hair style! Keliatan fresh banget, keceee <3

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    1. Hehe, iya, alhamdulillah dapet ^^

      Iya!! Crepesnya lucu banget!!

  5. asyik banget miss Jepang itu.. lain kali KBJ dan H.I.S adakan kompetisi ke Jepang lagi ya ^ ^

    1. Iyaaa, stay tune terus ya di Kawaii Beauty Japan ^^

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