Senin, 17 November 2014

Anna Sui presents Autumn 2014 Collection

Last month, Anna Sui Indonesia introduced its latest collection; AUTUMN 2014 Collection. The theme is "MAGIC SKIN; The Secret to Amazing Skin"

Anna Sui's latest collection can make your skin softer, smoother, poreless, and glowing. 

Loose Powder Foundation 7 Shades <NEW> Rp. 530.000,-
Creamy Foundation Primer 1 Shade <NEW> Rp. 335.000,-
Lipstick V 10 Shades <NEW> Rp. 310.000,-
Lipstick M 3 Shades <NEW> Rp. 310.000,-

Loose Powder Foundation

  • An airy feel with a soft, glowing finish
  • Hydrating application sinks in like a second skin
  • Long-lasting just-applied look

Creamy Foundation Primer

  • Serum-like hydration
  • Creamiest texture = moisturizing application
  • Hides pores for smooth, translucent skin
  • Like a second skin that yields superb foundation application and wear-time

Lipstick M 

  • 2 Shades blended perfectly into a marbled lipstick for bewitching lips!
  • Luxurious liquefying application with a glowing finish
  • Long-lasting color & hydration

Lipstick V

  • A romantic lipstick with a shooting star bullet
  • Exceptional pigment & shine = out-of-this-world lips!
  • Pleasantly creamy application
  • Long-lasting color & hydration


I can't seem to find the details regarding this exciting eyeliner by Anna Sui, but psst, it has the unique tip which deliver gel liner (Like Benefit They're Real Liner) plus, it has purple shade! Yippie!

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