Kamis, 06 November 2014

Makarizo Texture Experience in Salon Kirei Surabaya

On the beginning of October 2014, me and Jean were invited to attend Makarizo Indonesia's Salon Tour Indonesia in Surabaya as Indonesian Beauty Blogger staffs.

LOL. I quickly said yes for sure.

And so we went to Surabaya together with Makarizo Indonesia team. This is my first time in Surabaya and it was very hot! Hehe. But not too hot, just right.

After arrived we quickly had lunch to eat Soto. I forgot the name but it was certainly delicious (I always love East Java cuisine). And after having lunch we went to Salon Kirei to experience Makarizo Texture Experience treatment!

Also, I was really excited since this is the first time I met the Surabaya beauty bloggers! There were Sabrina, Ci Mindy, Ci Margy, Kathy, and Caroline.

Pleased to meet you all~

Then the brand manager of Texture Experience opened the event by introducing a bit about Makarizo Texture Experience.

So, Makarizo Texture Experience is a product series which offer us variety of nice and great smell from the product. Texture Experience has two products; Hair Care and Body Care.

As for Hair Care, it has Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Massage Cream.

Hair Massage Cream

Prevent hair damaged & control scalp moisture level.

Prevent hair aging and hair breakage.

Refreshing, nourishing and protecting hair.

Maintain the hair vitality for optimal shining.

Revitalizing hair and defeat dandruff.

Moistening also maintaining hair elasticity.

So in the salon, we are free to choose which smell that we want. At that time I chose Strawberry Sorbet because I was quite tired from the flight, so I need refreshing effect as the smell of the Strawberry wakes me up while keeping my hair nourished and protected since I often dye my hair.

1. Washing and Conditioning

2. Hair Massage Session

3. Hair Steaming


As I was the last to receive the treatment, all the bloggers were already off to home (sad). Hahaha... And here's my snap with gorgeous ci Margy before my treatment. I really adore her eyebrow makeup, LOL. 

And here's my hair after the blow dry. ^^

Thank you very much Makarizo Indonesia and Salon Kirei for the nice and relaxing Hair Treatment using Makarizo Texture Experience!

Wait for my next post about my trip to Surabaya with Makarizo Indonesia girls~

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  1. Halo kak Tia, ini Felly hehehe XD
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