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Experience Restylane Dermal Filler at MIRACLE Aesthetic Clinic

It has been over a month since I experienced dermal filler. Exactly on October 4th, Restylane invited me to their clinic tour to MIRACLE Aesthetic Clinic Kelapa Gading and Impressions Body Care Centre Sunter.

MIRACLE Aesthetic Clinic

At first, dr. Larisa from MIRACLE Clinic explained about facial analysis and face reshaping technique. Not to forget that she also explain about Restylane dermal filler which contain clinically safe and herbal Hyaluronic acid.

After brief explanation, then dr. Larisa perform the dermal filler to me. Yes, at first I was afraid as well, haha. But, luckily I'm not those people who are afraid of needles.

After facial analysis, dr. Larisa recommended that I have injection on my under-eye, chin, and nose bridge. She also suggested that I have injection on my smiling lines, but I decided that it's better to inject it to my nose bridge.

Around 15-30 minutes before the filler injection performed, they put on topical anesthetic to the area needed. After that the whole covered area was perfectly numb, then they removed the cream.

First, she inject my nose. As you can see from picture above, I was wide awake haha. Adel and Mira from Restylane kept teasing me because my eyes were wide open and followed the needles, LOL.

It was painless on both nose bridge and my under eyes (though I have to close my eyes because the doctor said so, hahaha.. Eyes too big). And the last one was my chin. They injected more filler into my chin, so it stings a bit. Only a bit, because I can feel that something is injected into my chin, haha.

after the injection

The anesthetic did the work perfectly and kudos to dr. Larisa who is very meticulous. You can put your trust on her! Moreover it only took around 20-30 minutes of injection plus the molding (massage to sculpt the injected area). Beauty in less than an hour? YES!

Before - After 

The results are indeed very natural and I don't look plastic at all. When I went to office the day after the filler, everyone seemed to notice that there's something different with my face, and they say it's good thing. Funny thing was all of them couldn't figure out what made me look different. 

See? Very natural result.

After that I also got an instant makeover by famour Indonesian makeup artist; Oscar Daniel. He also applied the makeup to other fellow blogger; Merrie, to show that dermal filler and makeup application are essential elements to support face shaping in order to look proportional.

Impressions Body Care Centre

After lunch, we the proceed to Impressions Body Care Centre in Sunter. The theme was "Glowing Skin from Within" presented by dr. Fitra Diena.

She explained that dermal filler is used not only for face reshaping but also to boost skin for skin rejuvenation.

There are two different skin rejuvenation technique; injector and cannula needle. What was performed that day is skin rejuvenation process by using cannula needle. What is exactly cannula needle? Cannula is a tube that can be inserted into the body for the delivery or removal of fluid, which is dermal filler for this skin rejuvenation process.

dr. Fitra performed this procedure to one of beauty bloggers; Leonita; who experienced acne scar on her face.

Thank you Restylane Indonesia, MIRACLE Aesthetic Clinic, and Impressions Body Centre for the Clinic Tour and Dermal Filler experience!

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  1. Wow keren ya kak hasilnya. Nice report.

  2. yg paling keliatan hasilnya kok cm di before-after foto pertama ya ti? yg lainnya kok terasa sama aja *__* apa mataku yg kurang beres wkwk

    1. Hahaha, emang gitu Shelviii... Bener-bener mesti diperatiin banget dan ga begitu kentara, jadi ga ketauan hihihi...

      Cuma kalo look closer berasa bedanya :D

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  6. I think this clinic did a great job on placement. Restylane is a wonderful cosmetic procedure when done correctly.


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