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8th Johnny Andrean Awards - Tokyo InstaGLAM

Two months ago, exactly on November 24th, 2014, Johnny Andrean held an event called Johnny Andrean Awards. This awarding event is aimed for Indonesian celebrities who support Indonesian beauty world.

This time, Johnny Andrean picked Tokyo InstaGLAM as the theme. The choice was motivated by Japanese beauty and fashion scene which is very dynamic.

Awarding for Celebrities

As appearance is considered essential for celebrities, whatever they wore is considered as something cool and become a trend by public. As a token of appreciation, Johnny Andrean is giving award to those celebrities who possess unique character and self-image throughout this recent 2 years.

1.     Best hairstyle male presenter: Teuku Zacky,
2.     Best hairstyle for female presenter Cynthia Ramlan,
3.     Best appearance for public figure Farah Quinn,
4.     Best appearance for  couple Ashraff Sinclair & BCL,
5.     Best hairstyle for actor Herjunot Ali,
6.     Best hairstyle for male singer Ello,
7.     Best make up for female singer Indah Dewi Pertiwi,
8.     Best appearance for female group Be 3,
9.     The lifetime achievement Mien R. Uno. 

Hairshow Entertainment

This 8th Johnny Andrean Award took Tokyo InstaGLAM as a theme.

Collaboration Between Hair Stylist Team


Japanese Gothic

Classic Japan


Tadashi Harada has been working with Shiseido Professional since 2000 and creating Shiseido commercial in New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Harada is also a Hair Director who develop product and in charge of deciding latest trend of fashion and hair. Harada is also a teacher in SABFA; makeup and hair school. He won Japan Hairdressing Awards in 2004 and 2012.

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