Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

EyeCandy Belle by Softlens Asia

As one of the sponsor, Softlens Asia sent me a pair of softlens from EyeCandy Belle series.

I got this EyeCandy Belle Green 14.5mm for review purpose.

The packaging color attracts me the most, it's soft pink and so girly. Inside, there are two bottles of lenses and it comes with the container.

I am very attracted to the color of this softlens series. It's mix of gray, blue, and green which I never tried before because usually I use brown, black, or grey color. This is my first time trying mixed colors lens.

It's quite thin so it's very lightweight and I don't feel like I'm wearing softlens, though it's quite hard to put it inside my eyes at first. The lens is wobbly so I found it harder than usual to prepare for my day in the morning before starting my daily activities.

But despite some of the little annoying things, I love the color and how it looks like on my eyes! It's so beautiful but doesn't attract too much attention as the diameter is not too big.

It's perfect diameter and it complements my skin as well so I feel more confident wearing this in daily basis.

As for the durability, compared to my previous lenses (Ageha, i-Fairy), it doesn't last that long. Usually I can just use it for more than 8 hours without any eye drops, but with this EyeCandy Belle, I have to put the solution at least 2 times/ day.

If I leave it without any eye drops then it starts to feel very uncomfy and my eyes look red. So I have to bring the solution everywhere.

As for price, I think it's fair price that it costs Rp 150.000 for a pair of EyeCandy Belle series. It has such a nice color payoff! LOL. I never love my eyes this much before I met EyeCandy Belle series.

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