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Get and Share Beauty Tips are Easier than Ever in Clozette Indonesia

I personally think that the most related topic for women is BEAUTY. Well, I don't want to discriminate, but I think it's still widely dominated by women.

As a beauty blogger, of course I love all things about beauty. Hear, listen, read, share, talk, you mention it and I'm definitely in!

That's also one of the reasons why I decided to join Clozette Indonesia as ambassador. Since Clozette has Beauty section, I mostly share and interested in clicking "LOVE" button there.

Why I Love Clozette Indonesia

Well, like many girls I just love to browse through internet just to find cute pictures of makeup, dress, shoes, and many other girly things. And here are my reasons why I love Clozette Indonesia!

It's Easy Peasy

It's easy-peasy because Clozette is just like Pinterest+Instagram in one! 

And for those of you who are Instagram lovers, you can even automatically upload your Instagram post to Clozette just by connecting the account.
Foto kiriman Istiarina Putri (@utotia) pada

Build Your Own Clozette!

You can upload your own picture or you can just re-upload other users' picture and put it all in the closet.

You can also create your own closet for example I have HairOutfit of the DayMake Up, etc. to keep everything well organized.

Join, Share, and WIN!
Clozette Indonesia always has A LOT of contests going on in the website, so you should definitely sign up and join the fun with me there!

You just have to join, start sharing, and you can win a lot of stuffs!

Here are some ongoing contests that you can join!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join Clozette Indonesia and do not forget to follow me on Clozette Indonesia: @utotia

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