Kamis, 11 Juni 2015

Eyelash Extension at Tokyo Belle

Thick, long, and curly eyelashes is the definition of pretty lashes. And yes, it contributes to what our society call pretty too. I am actually have no problem with my lashes, though it's not that curly, my lashes are pretty healthy, long, and thick compared to others.

But well, I am just a human who is never satisfied with my look. So I took a chance to get eyelash extension at Tokyo Belle.

Tokyo Belle is a Japanese beauty salon located in Jakarta. So far they have opened 3 branches: Panglima Polim, Pacific Place, and Kemang Village.

I visited Panglima Polim branch on that day.

First thing first, right after greeted by the friendly staffs, I was handed a form to be filled with my personal information and consultation.

The consultation is where I have to learn and choose which eyelash style that I want to get.

And I choose Cute one!


As you can see, my eyelashes is just so-so. Not too long, not that thick, nor it is curly. But for sure it's not that sparse and thin.


Get long and curly eyelashes with Japanese Eyelash Extension. Extension is glued one by one with 2mm gap from your real eyelashes. This method is the most effective to lengthen eyelash and shows the beautiful feature of your eyes while still look so natural. This treatment uses hypoallergenic product from Japan.

It took around 1-1.5 hour to get the extension done. I was dozing off, LOL.

So here it comes the process!!

My under eye areas are covered with paper tape for my eyes' safety.

Then, the therapist put on eyelash serum before putting the eyelash extension.

Start to see the result? (left: on progress - right: natural lashes)

Almost finished!


As you can see the result is dramatically gorgeous! Even nicer thing is that everyone seems not to notice that I got eyelash extension at first. 

It was like "are you wearing falsies?" or "whoa, you look different today, but I don't know why.."

Almost a month after I got eyelash extension from Tokyo Belle, but it still stays, LOL. I don't know why though others (who got it the same time as mine) already left with only their natural lashes.

It's still there with only few falls (it's still 65% there).

And I am considering to get retouched or get it done for the second time because I LOVE IT. VERY MUCH.

For the experience, I only have some problem during the first 3 days. I actually didn't let even one drop of water to touch the lashes on day 1 and 2. But on day 3 I splashed it a little accidentally.

And starts from third week I already shower it and even swam with it. And no problem!

So if you're keen to try the amazing eyelash extension by Tokyo Belle, go to: http://www.tokyo-belle.com/ and make you reservation!

This June they have special promotions; eyelash for only Rp500.000 and discount up to 60% off for all treatment! GO!!!

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  1. Kak bulu mata tahan berapa lama setelah pemakaian ? 😁

  2. Balasan
    1. 3 hari ga pake facial wash, pake Micellar Water aja biar ga kena air :)

  3. Ahh natural banget! Suka! Ga ribet pake maskara lagi deh ya.. :D


    1. iyaa, terus bikin praktis karena kadang ga perlu dandan ekstra soalnya mata udah 'on' banget :)

  4. Bagus bangeett Tiaaa >_< jd kepengeen


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